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lisaskeeter May 29, 2022

Fuck! Peter Dutton is two years YOUNGER than me.

lisaskeeter May 5, 2022

I just ordered this in the 24/7 radiance set. First time user of Go To and now I’m excited to try it. Hopefully it will make it to Ireland! 

lisaskeeter April 5, 2022

@Ms Jane We all flushed tampons in the 80’s. I lived in a house with 3 sisters and one toilet and there was no bin in that toilet. High School had “med bins” in each stall of the new buildings but the old outdoor toilet block had a communal incinerator with a hatch. I can only imagine the chimney of smoke circling upwards. So you would change your pad or tampon in the cubicle putting the used one WHERE ? while you adjusted your tights and plaid skirt with a bloody finger and then exit the stall with the used one to put it in the hatch. You could try and wipe the blood but schools used a special kind of shiny water resistant toilet paper on a locking roll that would tear like a parade streamer if you tried to get more than a sheet at a time. 

And in these olden times we girls were taught to keep our periods secret. 
I hope that there are female friendly architects designing schools now that incorporate a mini sink and space for a disposal unit in each cubicle.

lisaskeeter March 11, 2022

The fact that his colleagues groaned is why we have to keep speaking out about all child abuse, including historical cases. The reason the perpetrators get away with it is because so many would rather not know, would rather not believe and would most definitely prefer not to do anything about it. 

Perpetrators rely on this and use it to silence victims with shame. And shame kills. 

lisaskeeter February 18, 2022

Also,  when I went to my hairdresser after the first horrific long, no services lockdown she asked me how I was. I sighed, as I really didn’t want to start crying and she made eye contact in the mirror, put down the colour brush and went away, only to reappear with a glass of Prosecco. Some people get it. 

lisaskeeter February 18, 2022

I feel you. 

I’m extremely proud of both my now adult kids and I live in a very welcoming and accepting community that knows us, in the places we go. (We are very loyal customers) 
Maybe once a year a new person, or someone from another culture will say something and I feel the white hot rage. 
You’ve expressed this beautifully. Thank you. 

lisaskeeter February 11, 2022

@laura__palmer yay sister! Jesus was best friends with a Sex Worker and hung around with 12 guys, at least 2 of whom were probably gay. He preached love and acceptance, sharing and looking after those more vulnerable. 

He was a revolutionary trying to overthrow the Old Testament teachings, which is why he threatened a lot of powerful people who were very happy with the status quo. 
Also lot of the current bible was rewritten in King James time to ensure that people would pay taxes to keep him on the throne.  

lisaskeeter February 11, 2022

Consider this a squeeze hug Deni. I lost my nephew to suicide and my Dad to self neglect, because the same pedophile abused them both as children and they never got past the shame. This predator was considered a pillar of the community until his dying day. The truth only came out when he was already dust in the ground. 

So not only am I heartsick to read the suicide statistics you quoted, but I am disgusted to hear that any state funded institution should dare to equate queerness and gender identity which does no harm to anyone, with the repeated manipulation and abuse of children. 
You are loved. You are respected. You are accepted as you are. xx

lisaskeeter January 22, 2022

Well? Did you change your mind? (I checked insta, you didn’t) 

I heard you on a deep dive into Mamamia outloud and applauded. I’ve got two very special kids who I adore, but I have met a lot of parents in the disability space who were not prepared to change their lives to suit their kids when they turned out to have extra needs.
I was also not that wanted.  A middle child, supposed to be a boy and followed by more tries that resulted in more girls. My Mum wasn’t having kids SHE wanted, she was trying to please my Dad.  Sure it made me resilient with a very good sense of humor but I do wonder what it would have been like to grow up wanted. You know all those gay and single people who long for a child - I want to be their kid. 
Choosing to have kids should truly be a choice and not a default setting.

lisaskeeter December 26, 2021

I’ve been dealing with narcissistic anti vaccination cult leaders for 20 plus years - my two very healthy kids are autistic. I just wish that the platforms that amplified their dangerous message had listened to us, and shut down their access. The online forums and message boards of the early 2000’s and then the blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and now Tik Tok all bear responsibility for the current disease of misinformation prevalent today. Thank you Mia for fighting the good fight. 

lisaskeeter December 26, 2021

The privilege of being able to say no to a life saving vaccine! To say that you don’t care about the vulnerable affected by your actions. Not just the elderly and immune challenged but people living in housing towers, using crowded public transport and working in low paid jobs with no social protection if they get sick And can’t work! 

lisa December 22, 2021

I threw my younger sister’s recorder into the dam. She was playing Mary had a little lamb outside my bedroom door when I was studying for the HSE and there isn’t a court in the world that would convict me. 

lisa December 22, 2021

Have you seen the film? There is no way it will bomb. It’s the best Spider-Man film and one of the best films I’ve ever seen. And when the 3 meet. !!!! Absolute privilege to see on the big screen. 

lisa December 3, 2021

I had a UTI on and off for the first part of my current relationship. Kept going to the GP, taking antibiotics and drinking cranberry. It’s only now, 35 years later that I realise “jack rabbit sex” was what was causing it. My now husband had never learned there was any other way. 

If sex and relationships education was taught properly, young men would understand consent and young women would know that they are supposed to be horny as hell before doing anything, and only do things that made them climax too. 

lisa December 3, 2021

Thank you. I’m trying to get HRT and my GP made me get a mammogram last month, before he will prescribe. I’m a public patient and got a letter to go back for second check up for a “feel” and an ultrasound and I was panicking. Now I’m telling myself it’s ok. It’s next week.

And yes, I had a very sad ultrasound too. It was 25 years ago and I had a lovely boy the following year so I thought I was over it. Came straight back to me when I was listening to you.