Abigail Breslin says she was 'afraid to be alone' with Aaron Eckhart. Now she's being sued.

Abigail Breslin grew up before our eyes on the big screen.

The actor, who made her mark in films and shows like Signs, Little Miss Sunshine, My Sister's Keeper and Zombieland, is now 27 years old and still taking on major roles

Her latest project though, action-thriller Classified, which she's starring in alongside Aaron Eckhart, has not been a good experience, it seems.

Abigail Breslin played Olive Hoover in 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Image: Getty.


The Oscar-nominated actress has alleged she was "afraid to be alone" with Eckhart during filming and has accused her co-star of "aggressive, demeaning and unprofessional" behaviour on set.

Now, the production company that worked with both stars on set to bring Classified to life are suing Breslin, with the lawsuit claiming that the actor's accusations cost the project more than US$80,000.

"During the course of production, the entire production almost ground to a halt when Breslin advised the production of Eckhart’s [allegedly] aggressive, demeaning, and unprofessional behaviour, which she insisted placed her at various times in peril," said the lawsuit.

Abigail Breslin has accused Aaron Eckhart of “aggressive, demeaning and unprofessional” behaviour. Image: Getty.


"In order for the production to continue, among other things, Breslin refused to be alone in several scenes with Eckhart and costly accommodations had to be made by the production to accommodate Breslin’s demands or else Breslin would not continue to perform her contractual obligations."

The producers claim they found "no evidence in support to Breslin's wild, hysterical and imaginary allegations against Eckhart" after an investigation – although it is not known how thorough this inquiry was.

The lawsuit also claims that the "unnecessary accommodations made for Breslin, whose claims were specious, cost the production over $80,000".

The producers also say that Breslin is "extorting" them by allegedly demanding a US$35,000 payment as a condition for signing paperwork that is required to be signed for the film to be released.

The actor has denied all of the claims, with a rep telling Rolling Stone, "Ms Breslin categorically denies all contended allegations and unequivocally stands by her statement which she provided confidentially to SAG."


Breslin has accused her co-star of unprofessional behaviour. Image: Getty.

Breslin has become a voice for those in Hollywood who have faced mistreatment after coming forward to reveal the horrific domestic violence she suffered while in a two-year relationship with her abuser.

"As a DV survivor, I felt compelled to write a little bit about my story. I was in a very abusive relationship for close to two years," the actor said at the time.


"It all started out perfectly, I was so in love. Unfortunately, my abuser took advantage of my innocence and naivete and the relationship subsequently became violent. I was beaten on a regular basis, locked into rooms and forced to pretend everything was okay and normal while dealing with intense injuries... injuries most people didn’t even see," she continued.

Breslin wrote she used concealer and "caked on" foundation to hide the bruises because, in some way, she still cared for her abuser.

"The physical injuries were also accompanied by a plethora of put-downs, shaming and harsh verbal abuse. I felt so unworthy of anyone's love. I felt ugly and hated. I felt like I deserved less than dirt. I was certain, there must be something inherently WRONG with ME," she wrote.

"That I was a b**ch, a problem, stupid, useless, ridiculous, overly sensitive, unreasonable and unlovable. These 2 years were the loneliest I had ever felt."

Breslin shared she has since entered a loving relationship and continues to advocate against sexual assault. 

In February 2022, she revealed on Instagram that she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Ira Kunyansky. They married on January 28, 2023.

The pair have been together for six years and married for 10 months. 

Feature Image: Getty.

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