The subtle and on-trend haircut that will lift you out of your hair slump.

Sometimes you don’t want to do anything too dramatic to your hair.

Yes, you might save those pictures of ‘pixie cut’ or ‘rose gold’ hair styles, but in reality you just want the hair you have now with a little more, you know, zhuzh.

The A-line haircut is the perfect solution, giving hair a little update without any drastic changes.

“It’s a haircut style that is shorter at the back and longer at the front. It helps bring new life to hair, giving a fresh look to hair of any texture and length,” explains Cloud Nine & evo Creative Director, Lauren McCowan.

As opposed to a lob which is exclusively for short hair, the A-line works on longer hair too.

“Generally, stylists will recommend the very back to be one inch shorter than the very front, but this can be adjusted based on hair texture and length,” she says.

Even better, it works on pretty much all hair types, textures and lengths which explains why it’s already shown up as one of the most popular cuts of the year.

“The length difference between the front and back can be tailored to your personal preferences, you can go for a really dramatic cut with a big height difference, or stick with something a little subtler with just an inch difference,” she says.


Most importantly, it’s a low maintenance style that’s versatile, and looks great both curled and left straight.

Need some styling tips?

“The A-line works with a bit of volume, so I’d recommend using evo’s Salty Dog Spray, $34, to prep before curling the hair with Cloud Nine’s Original Wand, $334. This wand is perfect at creating loose curls that look great on A-line cut hair,” McCown says.

“Finish with evo’s Builder’s Paradise, $34, to hold your style in place all day. For a straight style, start with evo’s Icon Welder, $34, and then use a straightener like the Cloud Nine Original Iron,$330, on a medium heat setting.”

To really keep in shape, McCown recommends a top up trim once every two months. She also advises taking a couple of pictures of the angles you like to your hairdresser, rather than trying to simply explain them.

“Even bringing a couple of images of styles that you like and even some you don’t like so your stylists knows what to avoid,” she says.

“If in doubt, I’d recommend starting with an inch length difference between the front and back, as you can always continue to cut off more. Adding a blunt finish or soft layers are great add-ons that work really well for the A-line cut.”