Zoe Foster Blake shares her stupidly simple three-step method for getting rid of cold sores.

We can all agree that cold sores are the absolute worst. They arrive at the most inconvenient times and stay for too damn long.

And once one arrives, we spend far too much time in front of the mirror looking at it, trying various treatments to make it go away and then ultimately, giving up and hoping nobody notices.

But not anymore.

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Our favourite beauty boss Zoe Foster Blake has shared her three-step remedy to cure cold sores with her Instagram followers. And thankfully, it's simple, quick and effective.

First up, get your hands on some Famciclovir Once Cold Sore Treatment (available in pharmacies without a prescription) and take it the minute you notice a cold sore coming through. 

"Take this ASAP – no time to waste not a friggen second," Zoe explained in her Instagram highlights.

"I always keep these in house. And in travel bag. Ya gotta take them REAL fast. First sign of red or tingle. Taking them a day in probably won’t help."


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Next, apply a Compeed Cold Sore Patch to seal the cold sore and stop it from spreading. 

"These are critical. Keep stocked up. I keep singles in my wallet always. Wear them non-stop (change every six-eight hours; wear overnight) till it has completely gone. Lock that shit down. Keep things healing, and hygienic and non-contagious. SHOW IT WHO IS BOSS," Zoe said.


Because no one wants to draw attention to the fact you have a cold sore and a big patch covering it, Zoe suggests that if the cold sore is small, cut the patch in half to make it less noticeable.

"For smaller, early outbreaks, the standard circle shape is dumb and too big and obvious. I cut mine in half. A bunch on unrequired patch on the face will draw more attention than the sore itself," she explained.

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Image: Instagram. 

Lastly, Zoe offers this genius tip: Distract people from the sight of your cold sore with makeup and accessories.

“Confuse and dazzle people with hair clips and eye make-up and they won’t notice a thing,” she concludes.

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Don't have any patches on hand? If you feel a cold sore coming through, Zoe advice is to apply some nail polish remover on a cotton pad to the affected area. 

And a few days later, that cold sore should be nothing more than a dry patch of skin. Thank goodness!

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