"The first trailer for Younger season six is here and the new storylines have emotionally scarred me."


If you’ve never felt emotionally destroyed by a TV series and its cast of fictional characters, well, you are a much stronger person than I am.

The trailer for season six of the TV series Younger has been released ahead of its Thursday, June 13 release date on Stan and let’s just say that things do not look good for our heroes right now.

Younger centres on the character of Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), a woman in her 40s who posed as a 26-year-old  in order to score a job at a publishing house after she was deemed too old to re-enter the workforce, her husband had an affair and she needed to pay her daughter’s college tuition.

Of course, now that we’re six years deep into this storyline and the lives of these characters, the goalposts have moved and the stakes are a lot higher. Now that nearly everyone in Liza’s new life knows about her age secret, including her work wife Kelsey (Hilary Duff), her boss and new lover Charles (Peter Hermann) and her ex-boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella), the focus has shifted to her new relationship and the ones that have fractured as a result of it.

Take a look at the trailer for Younger season six, premiering on Stan Thursday, June 13. 


The kicker with season six of Younger is that a lot of our characters have finally gotten everything they wished for, and in this new world the cracks are starting to show.

After watching the trailer and finally getting a taste of what’s to come in season six, it’s now clear to see there are three new storylines in play that have the potential to emotionally destroy longtime fans of the series.

Not to be dramatic, just stating the facts.

So, at the conclusion of season five, Charles stepped down as Empirical’s publisher so that he and Liza could finally be together as a real couple. Which is all very well and good and romantic of course, but it has, in turn, caused a negative ripple effect through Liza’s other work relationships.

The relationship between Liza and Kesley, longtime workplace confidantes and the truest friends, appears to have frayed to the point where it looks ready to snap.

With Kelsey now running the entire publishing house after Charles stepped down, she is leaning on Liza to be her right hand. The problem is that Liza, being all loved up with Charles at last, has her loyalties split between the two. Which pushes Kelsey over the edge, with her believing that Liza is going to Charles about the business behind her back.


With all that these two have gone through in the past, new jobs, dead fiances, and, of course all the drama with Liza’s secret age reveal,  it’s pretty devastating that they are finally positioned to run the company and it’s Liza’s newfound happiness that looks likely to tear them apart.

Speaking of Liza’s lovers who are causing issues, you may have also noticed in the trailer that we finally get a little insight into Josh’s surprise new fatherhood storyline and what it will mean for season six.

In the final moments of season five, Josh opened his apartment door to find his runaway Irish wife Clare (Phoebe Dynevor) standing there very heavily pregnant.

Now we know that not only is Clare sticking around for the foreseeable future, but in a surprise turn of events, the baby might not be Josh’s after all. So this whole caper can now go one of two ways, with both paths emotionally fraught.

Either the baby is Josh’s,  providing him with the child he longed for with Liza but tying him to a woman who broke his heart, ultimately isolating him from the rest of the group. Or the baby is not his, taking away the child he wanted and breaking his heart even further after Clare left him following their surprise Irish wedding.

There’s just no outcome here that doesn’t see Josh cry, and I’m just not sure that is a world I want to live in.

The most upsetting storyline to come out of this new trailer, however, is the fate of the show’s most excellent character Diana Trout (Miriam Shor). Diana has long been a strict but supportive boss for Liza, and you can see it on her face that it’s the ultimate betrayal for her to find out that she’s been seeing Charles, and that she was the catalyst for him stepping away from the company Diana has devoted her life to.


This, coupled with the fact Diana looks like she is the next-in-line to discover Liza’s secret (a new player gets brought into the secret circle nearly every season) and it’s hard to see how she will ever recover from all the lies from the team she trusted.

Will Diana have no choice but to exit the company? If so, then I cannot help but feel that the best-accessorised character on the show deserved better.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Thursday, June 13  to see how this all unfolds when season six begins on Stan, and hope our hearts will not be broken by the characters we love so much.

The first five seasons of Younger are available to watch now, only on Stan. 

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