Stan Original Series Year Of is here and it’s a refreshingly honest depiction of high school.

If your favourite Australian TV shows happen to be Stan Original Series Bump and the iconic free-to-air staple Offspring, then this new series is basically catered specifically to you. 

Year Of is a spin-off series to Bumpit's set in the same world as the beloved series, a show which saw the quirky Davis-Chalmers family embraced by countless Australian households. 

The main crossover is that the series includes some of the students and teachers fans have already met in Bump, as Year Of is set at the same Sydney harbour-front school, Jubilee High. But while Bump starred the likes of Claudia Karvan and Angus Sampson, Year Of includes a cast mostly made up of fresh faces and exciting emerging talent. 

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Year Of focuses on an inner-city friendship group about to embark on Year 11 when tragedy strikes. The multigenerational drama series explores how grief and trauma affect the group of teens, as they grapple with processing loss during their final years of high school.

I got a sneak peek of the first episode and may I just say that the series perfectly captures the generational divide between teenagers and their parents. It also acknowledges the space between: the 20-something teachers who are still growing up and having to reckon with now being considered 'grown-ups' by an incoming younger generation.


As a woman over 30 who still considers herself a moody 17-year-old at heart, I felt extremely seen. 

The series kicks off with a group of Year 11 students gatecrashing a Year 12 house party, as viewers meet a charismatic-albeit-chaotic mix of characters: Tulley, Mo, Priya, Kate, Maya, George, and Gus. 

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There's something distinctly random about the group of friends, which for anyone who has graduated high school in Australia, will be something that feels more honest than Americanised TV shows that often present unrealistic teen cliques. 


It's a mix of longtime besties and love interests, all united to get into a party they weren't invited to -- this is basically a rite of passage for every circle of friends in high school.

Year Of presents a uniquely Australian perspective. From the way the teens speak using slang that will either be familiar to you from your own years in high school, or something you've heard a TikToker say, the dialogue is always funny but also, deeply relatable.  

In the first episode, series protagonist Priya (Tharanya Tharan) debates making a risky decision by joking “If I’m one of those people who peaks in high school, I don’t even care right now,” which was a line that particularly tickled me.

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Year Of is gritty and raw like the UK cult series Skins, but with an Australian twist. 

The series also has an impressive dream team behind it, as it comes from the makers of Offspring and the Stan Original Series Romper Stomper.

The series stars Underbelly's Danielle Cormack, Packed to the Rafters' Caroline Brazier, Stan Original Series Eden's Samuel Johnson, with Christian Byers returning to play Bowie from Bump.

Year Of also welcomes an exciting cast of emerging talent including Samson Alston, Joshua Hewson, Samuel El Rahi, Isabella Graiche, Ira Dawson, Nicholas Cradock, and Sophia Wright-Mendelsohn. 

Every episode of the Stan Original Series Year Of is now streaming, only on Stan.

Image: Stan

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