A four-year jump and "fresh new energy": The cast of Stan Original Series Bump tell us exactly what to expect in season 3.

The most beautiful, dysfunctional, blended family in Australia is returning just days before we say farewell to 2022. 

Season three of the Stan Original Series Bump follows Oly (Nathalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) four years after season two. The pair, now in their early 20s, are dealing with a whole new set of challenges, including Jacinda starting school, new partners and co-parenting. 

Mamamia recently sat down with the cast of Bump ahead of the season three release and learnt that the mayhem has only ramped up this year.

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Morris and Sanson Jr explained their characters' lives look incredibly different to when we last saw them four years ago.

This season, Oly will be at university while Santi is working full-time. 

Oh. And they've broken up. 

"Santi is working full-time as a trade," Sanson Jr explains. "We last saw [Santi drop out of school] in season two. He made the decision to start making money – to be able to support Jacinda. And four or five years on, he's fully immersed in that tradie life and that tradie world... And he's seeing someone else."

Santi will have a new partner in Bump. Image: Stan.


This is where the story starts, he adds, saying that whilst Bump in the past has been about Santi and Oly as high school parents, this season will be all about them as mature(ish) grown-ups.

Of course that leaves us to wonder about the pair's five-year-old daughter, who is in the middle of it all and starting Kindergarten. 

Sanson Jr revealed it was an "amazing" experience to work with the actor playing Jacinda, Ava Cannon. He admitted to previously "forgetting" in season one that by playing a teenage dad on screen, his real-life child "wouldn't be speaking" to him. 

So the time jump in between seasons meant not only his role would change as a father – but the actor playing his daughter would change entirely,


"I was just really excited to be working with a little actress who was going to be responding and speaking to us," he said. "We were going to be acting with a little human."

Oly, Jacinda and Santi in Bump. Image: Stan.

Morris felt acting alongside Cannon was a "fresh new energy", saying she was able to take inspiration from the mother-and-daughter relationship between Angie (Claudia Karvan) and Oly in previous seasons. 

"One of the most enjoyable parts about [working with Cannon] for me was that the show is so much about the mother and daughter relationship between [my character and her mother]," she explains. "So it was really interesting for me to take inspiration from how Claudia plays Angie."


The Bump actor added she "felt like" she was playing Karvan the "whole time".

"I then used that to kind of inform how I am a mother to Jacinda," she adds. "It's not like Oly is really exploring motherhood beyond just the challenges of nappies and all that stuff in season one... Whereas in season three, it's just a whole other exploration."

Oly and Jacinda in Bump. Image: Stan.


Working with Karvan and Angus Sampson (who plays Don Chalmers) was "so good" for Morris who says she didn't get to work with Sampson nearly as much as she would have liked. 

"The whole team is like such a dream and everyone just loves the show," she explains. "I think [every actor] probably says this about every show that they do. But I know that a lot of actors don't like their shows. Whereas on this show, everyone genuinely feels it is an honour to be a part of. So it is just a lot of fun and everyone just gave their all."

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The first season of Bump was one of Stan’s biggest-ever premieres for an Original series. In the lead-up to season three, Morris and Sanson Jr are feeling confident about this release. 

"I felt [nervous] about season two," Sanson Jr admitted before adding: "But a five-year-jump in season three is such a refreshing, energised take on this story. It's almost like a new show but the people have already fallen in love with the characters."

If anything, he says he feels "curious" and "excited" to see other people's reactions. 

"This journey is going to hook them right in and they're gonna binge one after the other," he said. 

"I know it. I just know it!"

Feature Image: Stan.