"I left my friend out of my bridal party because of her... boobs. Am I bridezilla?" 

A woman has taken to Reddit fearing she’s “flirting with Bridezilla territory” after excluding a close friend from her wedding party because of her… boobs.

Yes, actually.

Posting anonymously, the bride-to-be asked the forum if it made her “an arsehole” that she didn’t want her friend’s “massive breasts” to be a distraction on her big day.

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Plus, she didn’t want to deal with the struggle of having to find a dress that would suit said “massive breasts” and the rest of the bridal party.


“I’ve spent most of the last few weeks getting together with friends to do the whole ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ thing,” she wrote.

“I have a couple of friends that I’ve had literally since grade school. Their names are Kristy and Erin. Kristy is my absolute best friend in the whole wide world, like the sister I never had. Erin and I aren’t as close as we once were… (but she is) still a very close friend. Therefore, it stood out when I didn’t include her in my group of bridesmaids.”


When questioned by Kristy as to why Erin wasn’t approached to be a bridesmaid, the bride-to-be told her the truth. It was because of her breasts.

“Erin has MASSIVE breasts,” she explained.

“Literally bigger than should be physiologically possible because she has a hormone disorder that caused her breasts to grow to an excessive degree. We (as in Erin’s mum, doctor, Kristy, me, and just about everyone else important in Erin’s life) have been encouraging her to get a breast reduction surgery for years now, but she just won’t follow through with it because she’s terrified of surgery.”

“I originally planned on asking Erin to be a bridesmaid, but then I started thinking about the logistics of getting a bridesmaid dress tailored to fit her dimensions and how she won’t be capable of wearing a strapless dress because she can’t do strapless bras. It stressed me out immensely, and I felt that it would be borderline impossible to find a resolution that wouldn’t somehow embarrass and/or ostracise Erin.”

She went on to say that she didn’t want her wedding to be remembered for “the bridesmaid with the giant boobs”.

“Here’s the other issue that might be flirting with ‘Bridezilla’ territory. Part of me has a fear that Erin’s presence would be a distraction,” she wrote.

“When people think back on my wedding, I want them to think about how beautiful the venue was, or how nice the wedding party looked, or (dare I say) my fiance and I finally getting hitched! I don’t want people to remember my wedding for the bridesmaid with the giant boobs.”


She concluded her post by revealing that her friend Kristy said that yes, she was being an arsehole, and the Reddit community seemed to agree.

“I’m large breasted and reading this broke my freaking heart. I could be that friend and to think a lifelong friend would do that to me KNOWING what I went through?” one said.

“My sister and I have huge pretty huge knockers. We were bridesmaids for my aunt’s wedding. She gave us a specific colour, but let us pick our own styles. It was a fun event, she got married, everyone had a good time. That’s what people remember about a wedding, not what girl wore what,” another added.

While one more said it was a “selfish act”:

“You specifically didn’t include someone in your wedding party for a medical problem they can’t control. Trade out the issue at hand with ‘needs a wheelchair’ or ‘has a prosthetic arm’ and you’ll see the clear issue.”

But as the bride-to-be put it herself: “If ever there’s a time I can be a little selfish then it’s probably my wedding day.”

What do you think about her decision? Selfish and cruel, or fair enough?