"10 years gone in 10 minutes." Bride shares horrifying wedding day story of being stood up.


If I were engaged (which I’m not) and planning a wedding (which no one would ever let me do), my biggest fear would be that my partner wouldn’t show up on the day.

It’s just… the sort of thing that would happen to me. Probably because I’d give my partner the wrong date and/or time, or he’d realise minutes before the ceremony that I love my dog more than any human and that would likely cause issues as the marriage progressed.

But for one very real bride, Sasha, her nightmare came true. And now she’s left to pay thousands of dollars on her own.

Sasha contacted an Instagram account called The Shade Room with her story.

“My fiance never showed to our wedding,” read the subject line.


“This was suppose [sic] to be me and my ex-fiance, but he never showed up to our wedding on Mon and we never went to Greece. I didnt [sic] get insurance for our trip and lost over 3 grand, not including all the vendors I paid out of pocket myself. He paid for nothing.”

Sasha says she was at her hotel getting ready when she found out her partner had never paid for the venue, and therefore her guests, who “flew from everywhere” were being turned away.

“10 years gone in 10 minutes,” she wrote.

“I purchased a dress for 3 grand, paid the dj 2.4 grand, photographer 4 grand and other small purchases totalling 2 grand.”

“We even had a bridal shower,” she wrote.

The Instagram page asked followers to give Sasha advice on what she should do.

“Sue him,” one person suggested. “This was a breach of contract. The ring was material consideration for the verbal contract. She should be able to get at least some of her $$$ back.”

That doesn’t sound like it would work but okay.

Others congratulated Sasha for dodging a bullet, while others couldn’t get past the fact she was having a wedding on a Monday.

That’s not… the problem here.

The biggest question, of course, is why? Why would a person go to the trouble of DATING SOMEONE FOR 10 YEARS, planning a honeymoon, and paying for them to have their HAIR AND NAILS DONE, only to… not be bothered on the day of the wedding?

What is he… doing now?

Also, something tells me Sasha should probably be taking this story to a counsellor rather than an Instagram account, but whatever. Each to their own.