This viral meme is for anyone feeling guilty for eating chocolate this Easter.


Every Easter, social media is plagued with ridiculous diagrams telling you to feel guilty about eating chocolate.

One such “infographic” from a personal trainer on my Instagram told me that if I wanted to enjoy a cream egg I had to be prepared to run 5km.

I have happily eaten many cream eggs (and hot cross buns for that matter) this morning and I will not be running 5km today.

Absolutely not.

And there is one viral image that is capturing the outrage perfectly.

Posted by The Fashion Fitness Foodie, Lucy Mountainon Instagram, the infographic shows a plethora of delicious looking eggs that are just dying to be devoured.

Instead of the calories or kilometres you need to run being listed below – there is a simple phrase: “Stop being a dick to yourself enjoy your easter.”


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calories in easter choc xo

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She captioned the image “calories in Easter choc xo” and it couldn’t capture the mood of literally everyone any more perfectly.

Assigning guilt to foods, or labelling any food as “bad”, is not productive or useful for anyone.

Absolutely nobody wants to be made to feel guilty about enjoying food with family and friends over Easter.

Sitting down with family and friends to enjoy some choccy eggs is wholesome. Easter is about spending time with friends and family and enjoying the social benefits of coming together over food. It is ritualistic and it’s good for the soul.

For many it’s a well-deserved break from work where you can finally slow down and enjoy a glass of wine and a chocolate over good conversation with family and friends. For others, it’s just another weekend.

Regardless of the circumstances, why would anyone think that it’s a good time to bring up how much you need to exercise to “burn off” chocolate?

Why, of all times, would Easter break be a good time to make people feel guilty about treating themselves to food and social nourishment?

The social benefits of enjoying Easter with friends by far out-ways the kilojoules inside an egg.

Please kindly leave us and our cream eggs alone.