Woman tries to sign up to website. Website deems her name 'too offensive'.

We’ve all felt the frustration of attempting to sign up for a website only to be told our ‘password is too weak’.

Well, in this case, the woman in question couldn’t just add an extra number or capital letter… her profile was barred because of her actual name.

New York woman, Natalie Weiner, was rejected by a website’s algorithm after it detected ‘offensive language’ in the last name box.

She tweeted a screenshot, because who could resist, and the responses are just too good.

Well hot dog.

Among the flood of fellow funny-surnamed users with similar experiences was Mike Dickman, who simply posted:


Others include a 'Medick' and a classic 'Butts'.

To all the Weiners, Dicks and Coxs out there: we salute you.

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