Wondering what book to read next? This website will literally change your life.

Picking up the Harry Potter book series again?

We’ve all been there.

Whether you’re trying to find a good book to take on a holiday or looking for something to read on your morning commute, it’s easy to resort to re-reading one of your ‘desert-island’ books.

You know the ones – the books you’d read over and over and over again without getting bored.

Not only that, it can be super daunting to go into a bookstore or trawl the internet for a new book to read without knowing if it will suit your personal taste.

But the good news is, we’ve found a website that does all the work for you and we’re obsessed.

The aptly-named does exactly what it says.

Users type in a book title or an author’s name and the site recommends new books to read, based off reviews, suggestions, and ratings from other readers.

Each book title has a direct link to buy the book as well as a list of tags and topic areas underneath it on the site, making searching for similar stories even easier.

The site is so simple to use and there’s no sign-up process required. Easy peasy.

And the best part is, the site’s recommendations are top-notch.

We tested the site and its suggestions are pretty spot-on.

This is what the site recommended for Pride and Prejudice.

Happy reading!