I tried an $18 'chin lift sheet mask', because apparently this is a thing we do now.

In case you weren’t aware, ‘chin sheet masks’ are a thing we do now.

No longer do we just have sheet masks for juicy skin, under eye masks to plump eye bags, and butt masks for our… butts. 

Now, we must also sculpt and tone our jawline with a sheet mask for our chin.

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Sculpting or firming face masks aren’t completely new. Korean beauty brands have been doing them for years, promising to slim and lift your jaw for the 'perfect' side profile.

Oh, and Google 'chin lift mask' and you'll also be met with some semi-terrifying chin lifting straps that appear to be the jawline version of waist trainers none of us need. At all.

But back to the subject of chin lift masks. 

When HUDA Beauty founder Huda Kattan launched a shiny, fluro chin sculpting mask for her new skincare line, of course I gave it a crack.


Keep scrolling for everything you'd ever want to know about sheet masks for your chin, as well as my review of the new WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask.

But first, what is a chin lift mask and what does it do?

Chin lift face masks are designed to contour the chin and jawline area for an 'instant face lift'.

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in our faces, which over time, can result in a sagging appearance of the skin. One of the areas many find this shows first is the jowl/chin area.

While nothing but surgery or cosmetic injectables can provide permanent or semi-permanent results, using a chin lift mask may help to make your jawline look slightly lifted and smoother. This is done with a combination of stretchy material that, when placed under the jaw and lifted upwards towards the ears, provides a temporary lifted effect, and hydrating skincare ingredients that plump any fine lines in the skin.

You'll find so many versions of chin lifting masks on websites that stock K-beauty products. Alternatively, Priceline stocks ones from Skin Physics that Mamamia's executive editor and beauty guru Leigh Campbell enjoys.


How does the WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask work?

Fans of Huda Kattan not-so-patiently waited for her WISHFUL launches to arrive in Australia, and when the chin lift mask dropped at Sephora Australia in April, I was intrigued.

Why? Well, aside from the whole snatching your jawline thing, the WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask, $18, kind of looks like a neon green Handmaid’s Tale-esque contraption.


Marketed by the brand as being able to “instantly sculpt and tone the chin so you are ready for any selfie in a flash”, this isn't your ordinary sheet mask. 

I mean, some of the 'before and after' images and videos on WISHFUL Skin's Instagram account show fairly dramatic results.


WISHFUL says the magic of their mask comes down to two things: the material and its ingredients.

The fabric is really stretchy (and is said to have been inspired by the cotton sports tape you’d wrap your ankle in before netball) to imitate a similar elasticity to the skin on your face.

Then, there are the ingredients embedded in the mask material. The four main players are: Adenosine, Peptides, Niacinamide and Peppermint.

The first three all may help energise and hydrate the skin, while firming and tightening to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The addition of peppermint gives you that tingly, 'this thing is doing something' feeling while wearing the mask.


But does it actually work?

My WISHFUL Chin Lift Sculpting Sheet Mask review.

See, the packaging is really shiny and fun! Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Straight away, this single-use mask was unlike any other typical sheet mask I’ve tried.


Firstly, it doesn’t contain any serum like you’d expect a sheet mask to. It also sits over your chin and under your jawline like a sling, with two ear holes to keep it in place. While wearing it, some of my colleagues fondly referred to it as a chin hammock.

When you take it out of the packet, the mask looks a lot like a face mask you’d wear for your health. The ‘outside’ side has the texture of sports tape, and the ‘inside’ comes with a plastic film you peel off to reveal a gel, silicone-like surface.

This isn't your typical sheet mask. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.


I wore the chin lift mask on dry skin for between 20-30 minutes. I definitely felt a cool burn that lasted the whole time I was wearing it.

When I took it off, my chin and jaw area felt tighter, but I'm sceptical it was because of its skincare ingredients. Personally, I don't think simply wearing a bit of material embedded with peptides and niacinamide will give you an instant face lift.

What might, though, is the peppermint. And storing it in the fridge before using.

Kind of like when you use a plumping, pepperminty lip gloss, the peppermint in this mask gives you that fresh, cooling, semi-tingling feeling on the skin that gets blood moving, which in turn may reduce puffiness. Pop the mask in the fridge before use and you’ll feel it even more because doing so acts like a cold compress.

The mask itself was comfortable to wear, I could've worn it all day. The packaging is also very Instagram-friendly, and the overall experience is super fun. But at $18 a pop, it would be an expensive routine to maintain.


Do you need a chin mask?

Sure, my jawline looked a touch more chiselled after using the WISHFUL chin lift mask, but the results were neither dramatic nor long-lasting.

If you love new, buzzy beauty products that are fun to use and will look great on your grid, you’ll love the novelty of this mask. 

But, I reckon you could also get similar, more cost-effective temporary results using a gua sha facial massage tool.

And honestly, none of us really need a chin sculpting sheet mask, do we? 

Feature image: Supplied/@theamyclark.

Have you ever tried a chin lift mask? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!