From bomber jackets to the trending maxi skirt: The 5 things you'll be wearing in winter.

I'll be the first to admit that during winter, I prioritise comfort over style. But it's also universally known that winter fashion is superior, and there are so many ways to dress up or down while still being on-trend.

Does that mean I'm ditching my fluffy socks and fleece track pants? Absolutely not. However, I do want to make more of an effort this year beyond just throwing on a coat.

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There are many advantages to living in Australia when it comes to fashion. And one is that because we're living in the Southern Hemisphere, we already know what's going to be trending throughout the season by looking at what the Northern Hemisphere wore before us. 

Of course, you have your basic items: A good quality coat, a pair of thick stockings and endless jumpers in every style and colour. But I scoured the internet, observed runways and studied street-style looks to see the items everyone is most likely going to be walking around in this season.

Let's get into it.


1. Leather maxi skirts.

(Faux) leather is a winter staple, and for good reason. It's sleek, minimalistic and fuss-free, however, its impact is massive. Leather has the ability to instantly make any outfit look far more expensive than it is, and it's warm too.

Look for leather pencil skirts in black and brown shades, and pair them with knitwear in matching tones to create the perfect monochromatic outfit. 

I recommend: 

Azzurielle Albie Faux Leather Skirt, $119.95.

Image: Azzurielle, The Iconic.


Sunday In The City Uppercut Zip Vegan Midi Skirt, $99.99.

Image: Sunday In The City, The Iconic.

Bardot Dante Vegan Leather Midi Skirt, $119.99.

Image: Bardot, The Iconic.


2. Modern bomber jackets.

Gone are the days when bomber jackets were worn by athletes and year 12 students (who knew our school was so fashion-forward?). These days, bomber jackets are oversized and come in different fabrics and silhouettes, feminising a traditionally masculine piece. 

Pair it with a button-up shirt, a pair of pants and an oversized scarf and you're good to go. 

I recommend:

Target Oversized Textured Bomber Jacket, $50.

Image: Target.


Atmos&Here Thalia Tailored Bomber Jacket, $119.99.

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.


COS Ringver Bomber Jacket, $250.

Image: COS, The Iconic.


3. Oversized scarves.

Speaking of oversized scarves, you really need to hop on the bandwagon if you haven't already. Not only are they practical, but they're ultra-cosy, a feeling we all welcome when temperatures start to drop.

Depending on your style, you can go for a plain-coloured oversized scarf or something more vibrant. 

I recommend:

Unison Solid Classic Scarf, $69.95.

Image: Unison.


Morgan & Taylor Emma Scarf, $39.95.

Image: Morgan & Taylor, The Iconic.

Common Need Ascot Check Scarf, $40.

Image: Common Need, The Iconic.


4. Knee-high boots.

I know, knee-high boots for winter is not exactly groundbreaking, however, they're considered a staple for a reason. Once you purchase a pair of solid knee-high boots you'll be wearing them year after year, truly getting your money's worth.

I prefer to go with a pointed or square toe with a slight heel, but if you want to choose comfort over style, pick out a flat pair that's made for walking. 

I recommend:

Sandler Innovate, $299.95.

Image: Sandler, The Iconic.


Dazie Selena Knee High Boots, $119.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.


Vybe Jasper, $70.

Image: Vybe, The Iconic.


5. Dark-wash denim.

Dark-wash denim and winter are a match made in heaven. As much as I love a light wash, I do prefer to keep them tucked away until summer comes around. 

In winter, we tend to gravitate towards more moodier colour palettes, including blacks and jewel-tones, and there's something about pairing it with a sleek dark-wash denim that really pulls the whole look together. 

I recommend:

DISSH Alexa Indigo High Rise Straight Jean, $129.99.

Image: DISSH.


You + All Denim Wide Leg Jeans, $79.99.

Image: You + All.


Target Wide Leg Denim Jeans, $50.

Image: Target.

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