This is winter's biggest coat trend you're about to see everywhere.

Buying a coat isn't as simple as walking into a store, trying on a style you like and tapping your credit card.

Think about it — this is a piece of clothing you will wear non-stop for at least three months. It's also going to cost a pretty penny because well... coats aren't cheap.

So then what do you do if you've tried them all and still feel unsatisfied? You reach for the safe (but still trendy) option. Trench coats are a classic staple item, but a cropped trench is a style most people don't gravitate towards.

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Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because it looks intimidating to wear.

I get it. Cropped clothing can often feel juvenile, but trust me when I say that a cropped trench is anything but.

In fact, it's an easy way to look polished, and depending on your style will go with everything in your wardrobe. Dress it up by pairing it with a midi skirt and heels, or keep it casual by throwing on jeans and a T-shirt.

Oh, and you can wear it throughout spring too — talk about a double whammy.


Trench coats are nothing new. We've been seeing them on runways for years, and Hollywood icons like Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn popularised it in the '60s by adding a touch of glamour to an otherwise masculine piece.

But the cropped trench is a more modern iteration. It's certainly a trend piece we can see going the distance, especially in a country like Australia where trans-seasonal clothing reigns supreme.

Not that anyone should be surprised. If you keep up with fashion, you would know that designers such as Loewe and Altuzarra have been showcasing the style of jacket on their runways since last year, so it's no surprise that it trickled down to more mainstream stores in next to no time.

So, if you've tried the heavy-duty puffer jacket or the ultra-trendy denim trench but still aren't feeling satisfied, then this may be the moment your search for the perfect winter outerwear comes to an end.

Before you treat your trench coat like a craft project, check out my recommendations below for trenches that are already cropped.

Let's get into it.

Seed Heritage Cropped Trench Cape, $139.95.

MESHKI Palmer Cropped Trench Coat, $159.

Image: MESHKI.


Goelia Machine Washable Wool Lapel Women Crop Trench Coat, $189. 

Image: Goelia.


Pretty Little Thing Plus Stone Contrast Lining Cropped Trench Coat, $144.

Image: Pretty Little Thing.


Bershka Cropped Trench Coat With Buckle, $105.

Image: Bershka, The Iconic.

You + All Beige Crop Trench Coat, $99.

Image: You + All.


Decjuba Valentina Cropped Trench, $159.95.

Image: Decjuba.


Forever New Willow Cropped Trench, $149.99.

Image: Forever New. 


AERE Organic Cotton Tortoise Button Cropped Trench Coat, $190.

Image: AERE.

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Feature Image: Forever New/Pretty Little Thing/Goelia.

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