'I'm a fashion editor. These are the 5 knits I'm updating my wardrobe with for winter.'

When it comes to winter fashion, there are few categories more crowded than knitwear.

For a country that doesn't wear knits all that much during the year (as opposed to our friends in, say, Sweden), we sure do have a lot of options kicking around at the shopping centre. 

There are oversized bobbly ones and tiny cropped ones. Expensive "investment" ones and very, very cheap ones. Knits your gran would wear, knits you last saw on The Hills circa 2006, and a few that wouldn't look out of place on a golf course.

Where's a lady with a debit card, two feet and a heartbeat to start?

PS. Have you listened to this episode of our fashion podcast yet? It's all about the winter trends we will and won't be getting around. Post continues below.

Allow me to step in and weave (see what I did there?) through the clutter. 

Now that it's properly cold, I've compiled a handy guide to the five knits I'm adding to my wardrobe this season.

1. The Statement Ribbed Knit.


Knit, H&M (sold out, similar here). Jeans, Hera Denim. Images: Supplied/Tamara Davis.  

 Are you clocking that neckline? Knits have had an overhaul this winter! They're *sexy* now, don't you know? 


Whether they feature cold shoulders or built-in bra cups and oversized sleeves like this one from H&M, it's the details that make these structured knits stand out. Woven in tighter ribbed fabric, they add a little something special for an evening look when you CBF trying too hard. 

2. The Updated Cardi.

Cardi, Trenery. Jeans, Glassons. Image: Supplied/Tamara Davis  

 Not your nanna's cardi, no no. 


The new cardi feels fresh and cute enough to wear on its own, tucked into pants or a midiskirt. You can also layer yours over a singlet to further channel the 90s vibes. 

This alpaca yarn cardigan from Trenery has been a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe, giving me all the warmth minus that stifling-hot feeling you sometimes get in chunky knits. Looks especially cute layered under a coat, because you're still showing a bit of skin on your top section to balance out the bulk (it's fashion maths, look it up).

3. The Bright Jumper.

From left: Knit, Trenery. Pants, Petal + Pup; Knit and jeans, Kmart. Images: Supplied/Tamara Davis I'm usually more of a neutrals gal, but I've been drawn to 'dopamine dressing' lately – that is, outfits that lift your mood thanks to a big injection of colour. A bright sweater has that effect, making even the drabbest get-up look instantly cooler. 


These guys are on trend right now, but they might be more of a one-season wonder than something you want to splurge on – the good news is, you can get your hands on one no matter what your budget. Lean into the Y2K revival by pairing yours with faux leather pants (do I look like an extra from Friends? Not mad about it).

4. The Tight Turtleneck.

Knit, jeans and blazer, Petal + Pup. Sunglasses, Decjuba. Images: Supplied/Tamara Davis 

In case you missed it, a new trend is kicking around TikTok called "Coastal Grandma", inspired by the matriarchs from Nancy Meyers movies and their Hamptons-esque style. Think Diane Keaton in a turtleneck sweater, sitting on a porch drinking a nice pinot.


...Which is why the turtleneck is well and truly back. But my spin on it is a little more city than beachside. 

The perfect layering pieces, these look great with blazers for the office or you can dress them down with puffer jackets and leggings on weekends. Mine is cropped at the waist and sits just right with high-waisted jeans.

5. The Fluffy Sweater.

Knit, Trenery. Pants, Showpo. Coat, The Fifth Label. Shoes, Zara. Images: Supplied/Mamamia As we transition from living in loungewear to wearing our Outside Clothes, a cosy knit will go a long way to making you look pulled together while still feeling like you're wearing a warm hug. It's the knitwear equivalent of wearing your slippers out the door (which I'm also not opposed to).


Mohair, chunky yarns and other fluffy textures look great contrasted with more streamlined separates, like the structured coat I've opted for with this outfit. Of course I kept my slinky lounge pants on because... baby steps.

Shop the knit edit.

Petal + Pup Aquerelle Knit Sweater, $48.97.

Image: Petal + Pup  


Raef The Label Stella Long Sleeve Knit, $169.

Image: Raef The Label


Country Road Fluffy Knit Jumper, $179.

Image: Country Road  


Dissh Orion Butter Rib Knit Jumper, $119.99.

Image: Dissh  

Cotton On Curve Chunky Roll Neck, $49.99.

Image: Cotton On  


H&M Rib Knit Cardigan, $49.99.

Image: H&M  


Trenery Wool Yak Cable Roll Neck, $199.

Image: Trenery  

Kmart Mock Neck Jumper, $22.

Image: Kmart.  


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Feature image: Supplied/Tamara Davis

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