Why Princess Eugenie can have an Instagram account but other royals can't.

Since March, Princess Eugenie has been using her Instagram account to promote the charities she supports and share candid family throwback photos.

Which is interesting, because aren’t royals banned from using social media?

After all, Meghan Markle had to shut down her social media accounts, along with her personal blog The Tig, when she had only started publicly dating Prince Harry.

And while Kensington Palace is an active Twitter and Instagram user on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s behalf, it’s not personally run by the royals it features.


It turns out there’s a reason the strict social media policy doesn’t apply to Princess Eugenie – or her older sister Princess Beatrice, who has a Twitter account, for that matter.

It’s because while the sisters are royals who work, they are not “working royals”, Hello magazine explains.

Unlike, Princess William and Kate, or Prince Harry and Meghan, the 28-year-old’s full-time job is not representing the royal family at events – although she still does that often.


The ninth in line to the throne has a full-time job at Hauser & Wirth, an art gallery in London. Last year she was promoted to director after working for the art house since 2015.

In March, Princess Eugenie shared her first post: a video of her speaking about her life with scoliosis at a charity event.

In the caption, she explained she’d joined the platform to “share the causes, passions and people close to my heart”.


So far it hasn’t been the place she’s shared wedding planning updates for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Jack Brooksbank – although she has shared a few photos of the two together.

Princess Eugenie will marry her long-term boyfriend later this year at St George’s Chapel, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed last month.