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'It's my job to teach young men about respect. I asked 5 of them why they send dick pics.'

When camera-enabled phones first hit stores, men thought of a “genius” way to use them.

Here was a device that could take multiple pictures and send them anywhere.

For perhaps a minute, men considered numerous things they could photograph, before settling on what fascinated them most:

The penis.

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Twenty years and significant advances in photo quality later, many women have received their share of highly-detailed, unsolicited dick pics.

These come from would-be suitors, internet randoms or even co-workers.

Despite most women’s well-known disdain for an uninvited phallus appearing on her phone, there seems no relief in sight from the barrage many women receive.

So, I asked five young men why they sent them, then I responded. 

1. “I thought she’d appreciate it.”

I know you’d love a random pic of her boobs, arse or legs, but she’s probably not going to feel the same about an unexpected picture of your wang.

Even if it’s erect and shot with a wide-angle lens.


Most women aren’t as visually attracted to a penis as you are to her breasts. 

If you two are making out, clothes are coming off and she’s horny, your penis may be very attractive to her.

But if she’s studying for an exam, out with the gals or going about her day, a random pic of your schlong will probably just be annoying, disgusting or an assault on her eyes.

2. “I want to get a nude back.”

Unless you have some kind of pre-arranged agreement, it’s unlikely you’re going to get that “favour” returned.

While you’re waiting – maybe thinking about sending another – she’s probably sharing your dick pic in a group chat with her friends.

If you ever found out what they said about your penis and how stupid you are, you’d be traumatised.

3. “I hope she’ll ask me to bring it to her.”

I know you think a picture paints a thousand words, but if you’re lazily asking women for sex, you’ll have a better chance using your words.

Witty and flirty conversation beforehand will help even more. 

I know you get excited at the sight of boobs, but your fun and interesting vibe turns her on more than a random schlong appearing on her phone.

4. “If she’s seen it already in a pic, she shouldn’t reject it in person.”

Women don’t reject a penis, they reject the idiot who owns it. 

If you make her feel good and into you on an emotional level, she’ll be more likely to want you into her on a physical level.

Then, any issue you think you have with your equipment won’t matter to her.


Meanwhile, she might have a bunch of insecurities about her body she’s hoping you’ll accept.

5. “I know a guy who knows someone who sent them, and it worked.”

He’s like the guy who talks about winning $1000 on the pokies but doesn’t tell you about the $10,000 he lost.

He’s telling you about one girl who looked past him assaulting her eyes and not the other 20 women who blocked him, left him on read or laughed at his penis with her girls.

Flirting and asking her out would’ve worked a lot better and he wouldn’t have risked destroying his chances by sending a dick pic she didn’t ask for.

How do we get through to these men?

I still mention unsolicited dick pics could get them in trouble with the police, expelled from school or fired from a job, but I’ve found deconstructing their reasons and warning of social shame resonates best. 

That is, “I know why you’re doing it, but here’s why your thinking is out of whack”.  

This message tends to land better with young men when it’s from a relatable figure they consider credible.

If nothing else, the prevalence of unsolicited dick pics tells us young men are in desperate need of guidance as they navigate intimate interactions. 

Max Radcliffe is a young men’s respectful relationships speaker. He works with young men to help them navigate intimate relationships, consent and self-respect, thereby improving the experiences of women they interact with. Max also shares his advice to young men on Instagram.

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