After a tense few days on The Block, one team just made kitchen week history.


It’s not every day you see a kitchen so good it gets the highest possible score on The Block.

But for Kerrie and Spence, that’s exactly what happened on Sunday night, as they got not one, but two, perfect tens for their incredible kitchen.

To be completely honest, we are obsessed.

There are many details that make this kitchen amazing.


Firstly, the judges walk into the kitchen, say “Alexa Welcome” and… all the lights turn on.

The appliances in this kitchen are so sleek and modern that we wish we could have all of them.

There is a fridge with a glass door… FULL. OF. WINE.

You can select a chilled wine without getting cold. Genius.

And a fridge big enough to fit all of the cartons of milk.

And then... it happens.

A floor vacuum comes out from beneath the kitchen bench and begins vacuuming on its own. Without human help. It's a self-cleaning kitchen.

Yes please.

Kitchen Island. 

The kitchen island has a honed finish... We don't know what that means but it was pretty. So pretty.

Under the kitchen island there were custom-made stools that appeared to "mold" to your bottom.


What a kitchen island.


We feel like we just walked into a chic Italian kitchen in southern Italy. Fresh crushed garlic that we can just smell makes us feel like we are on holiday. But at home.  

We suddenly want to invite our extended family over for dinner.

On top of all that, there were lights inside the pantry, and bins disguised as cupboard doors. Genius.

The judges collectively moaned about how it felt like home and wowza. That's a great kitchen.