Viewers slam Hayden over his behaviour towards wife Sara on The Block.

Sara and Hayden Vale’s fights on The Block have prompted criticism from fans online, but some viewers have accused Hayden of getting far too easy a run.

After Sunday night’s episode – during which the couple had another row – there were notably more commenters on social media suggesting Sara has been copping an unfair amount of hate compared to her husband.

In case you missed their latest epic showdown, Sara was not at all happy that Hayden had installed a door in their living area and shouted at him to “get rid of it” repeatedly, while he refused and called her a “stress head”.

“It looks stupid,” Sara told Hayden, who replied, “You look stupid.”

Video via Nine

But while Sara’s reaction may seem over-the-top to some, during the argument, it came to light that the couple had previously had a conversation about installing a door, in which Sara thought they’d concluded to not have one.

“I was mad at him for doing it without telling me. We already had a conversation about this. He completely dismissed it.”

And that’s what viewers are finding so infuriating.



Viewers also found the way Hayden spoke to his wife unnerving.

At one point he told her, “They’re laughing at you cos you’re an idiot” and moments later called her a “stupid cow”, to which she hit back with “you’re a loser”.



Others meanwhile, defended Hayden, saying Sarah has said similar things to him, pointing to quotes from her like: “You can’t argue with stupid.”


However, according to the newlywed couple themselves, who share a young daughter, viewers shouldn’t be worried about the state of their marriage.

“They [the producers] are playing it like we argue all the time,” Sara told TV WEEK last month.

“Everything is amazing between us. And, to be honest, we want to try for another baby. We want to expand the family.”

In another interview with Woman’s Day the 33-year-old did admit that they “fight all the time” at home, but pointed out they survived the “pressure-cooker” that is The Block.

“The Block is one big pressure cooker, but if your relationship can survive it, it can survive anything.”

What do you think? Does Sara give as good as she gets or is Hayden’s behaviour extra nasty?