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"It's a disaster." Why The Block judges were horrified by Sara and Hayden's room reveal.


It appears Hayden and Sara made a crucial mistake when preparing their house for inspections this week on The Block.

A mistake so big… it was called a “disaster” by the judges on Sunday’s episode.

The construction project manager and former flight attendant tried their best to have the apartment ready for the judges, but they experienced setbacks.

“A very strong first impression, but when the rest of the lights came on…” said Scott Cam, before cutting to footage of the judges saying “It’s dirty” and “Who has got a mop?” as they gaze at the very dirty floors.

who won the block tonight
Yikes. Image: Channel Nine.
That is not a look you want to see. Image: Channel Nine.

"There is no excuse for not cleaning your spaces in time for delivery," Cam continues, before Sara decides to... cut him off.

"Can I just stop you right there sorry," Sara says.

"We did run out of time,  and it was mopped and because we were running in and out of rooms that's what happened... eventually, anyway," she continued.

who won the block tonight
Not happy. Image: Channel Nine.

And then the judges started to critique the styling, comparing it to a garage sale and saying it's up there with the worst styling they have ever seen on The Block.

"It's that styling that says if we throw enough things at it, there will be something in there that they like," said one judge.

"It looks like a garage sale," he added.


We agree that the portrait of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have missed the mark... just a tad.

who won the block tonight
We're just gonna leave this here. Image: Channel Nine.

"It's kind of lazy and when you take into consideration the messiness, the dirt on the floor, the unfinished paint work, overall it's a disaster," one judge added.


Sara explains that they had leaks they had to deal with throughout the process. And that Hayden had the flu.


But no one is having a bar of it. 

Then it comes to the laundry, and the issue worsens.

"All I can see is how filthy it is... look at that disaster over there behind you," said another judge.

who won the block
The said disaster. Image: Channel Nine.

That's when Sara got especially defensive.

"We're not using it as an excuse, throw us a bone," Sara adds.