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What we didn't see: The sad backstory that led Spence to angrily storm off The Block.


For 46-year-old Spence and his wife Kerrie, their reality television experience on The Block was not how they expected.

Opening up in a teary interview with A Current Affair, Spence revealed that his time on The Block sent him into a mental health battle of depression and anxiety, leading him and Kerrie to walk off the show.

“I wasn’t expecting the emotion to come flying out the way it did. It was uncontrollable,” Spence told A Current Affair.

He added that the stigma about men showing emotion needs to end.

“I’ve been the crying guy, the sooky guy … Gone are the days of guys not being able to show their emotion and cry,” he said.


Now the contestant is using his experience to encourage others to seek professional help for mental health battles.

“It should be spoken about more. Because it’s so common,” he said.

“One in eight guys suffer from depression, one in five guys suffer from anxiety.”

According to Beyond Blue, Australian men have low rates of mental health literacy, and face barriers to help-seeking, such as stigma. Symptoms might be physical, such as tiredness and weight changes, and often accompany feelings of sadness, irritability and anger.

If you believe you or someone you know is experiencing depression or anxiety seek professional help and support from the following websites and numbers. Help is available. 

beyondblue 1300 22 4636
Lifeline 13011014
eheadspace 1800 650 890