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Fans spotted a striking pattern in past Bachelor seasons that may determine today's winner.


We’re only hours away from the end of this season of The Bachelor and frankly, we’re glad.

All the spoilers, all the fan theories, all the FEELINGS. We can’t take much more.

And while we are yet to actually see Honey Badger give the classic Bachie non-engagement ring to his winner in the finale and then promptly dump her once filming has stopped, we already know who takes it out.

So. There are some really hardcore Bachelor fans and we owe them big time.

Their encyclopedic knowledge of past seasons means we’ve got yet another theory that suggests Britt is the winner.

It’s simple. Whoever gets the first kiss from the Bachelor or Bachelorette wins.

Early in the season, Britt became the first to kiss Nick during their first single date and from then on, it was meant to be until the cameras stopped rolling.

britt nick kiss the bachelor
Just Britt sealing her win. Image: Ten.

You see, Sasha Mielczarek and Sam Frost were the first to kiss on Sam's season of The Bachelorette. Then Sasha won.

Matty J and Laura Byrne pashed first too, and she won his heart.

laura matty bachelor kiss
Laura and Matty are PROOF of this theory. Image: Twitter.

And of course, in season three Sam Wood shared his first kiss with the eventual winner Snezana Markoski.

So yes, there's SOLID evidence here.

So will this theory be proven correct on tonight's season finale?

Bring it on.