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There's something very fishy about where Nick Cummins will be when the Bachie finale airs.


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It looks like we have yet another clue that Nick Cummins doesn’t end up with any of The Bachelor contestants

You see, when the reality show normally wraps up, the Bachelor and his ‘winning’ girl typically head out on a days-long media circuit.

Last season, Matty J and winning contestant Laura Byrne even sat on The Project desk together the day after the finale.

But this time around, it seems the Honey Badger won’t even be around when the finale airs.

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The finale, which Daily Mail predicts will air between October 4 and October 11, mysteriously coincides with Nick’s planned Kokoda Tour.

Pointed out by fans in The Bachelor and Bachelorette Spoiler Fans Forum earlier this week, it turns out Nick is locked in for an 11 day Kokoda tour from October 1 to October 11, meaning it’s likely he’ll be in Papua New Guinea when the finale airs.

Uh, is the Honey Badger trying to keep a low profile when the finale airs?


The last time a Bachelor wasn’t available for the post-finale interviews happened in season two, when Blake Garvey cancelled his interviews and media commitments before the finale even aired.

Blake cancelled his interviews after splitting with winner Sam Frost before the finale even went to air.


It’s also heavily rumoured that Nick has also split with this season’s winner, before the finale has aired.

According to an insider source who reportedly spoke to NW Magazine, the Bachelor contestants are not happy that Nick has already moved on from the show.

“It would be devastating for the girls, who were clearly head over heels for him, to see Nick move on so quickly,” they said.

“Imagine finding out the guy you loved was out with someone else – it’s heartbreaking!” they added.

“They put their lives on hold for months for this guy – and then he’s spotted out with another girl? What was the point?”

Nick is expected to make some media appearances later in October, when he launches his new book The Honey Badger Guide To Life.

On the promotional tour, Nick will visit Erina on the Central Coast and Sydney’s Brookvale on October 13.

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