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The Bachelor's Brooke Blurton has hinted at why she's about to walk out on Nick Cummins.

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Just in case there’s still someone out there who still doesn’t know how this season of The Bachelor is going to end…

Warning: Spoilers ahead.




We basically know that Brooke does not win after she, uh, accidentally told us all herself in an interview.

It’s all but confirmed that she walks out of the mansion in Wednesday night’s episode, and now she’s revealed she almost left the show before.

Speaking to TV Week, Brooke said she nearly left earlier in the series due to homesickness, but stuck around because of Nick.

“I really missed my family, especially my little brother,” she said. “We’re super-close. I was so homesick, I could have walked.

“The connection with Nick kept me there. I put myself out there and it seemed like my feelings were reciprocated, so I stayed. It was so hard, though.”

The 23-year-old also may have also hinted at why we’ll see her dump the Badge this week – she admitted her hometown visit put things “in perspective”.

We saw Brooke’s best friend Tess, who honestly deserves her own TV show, quiz Nick about where he was emotionally and how he saw things working out with Brooke after the show.

The Honey Badger was… Very awkward about it.

“I realised I had to be a lot more realistic about how a relationship with Nick would work, because we live in different states,” she said.

“But at the time, I was scared to ask those sorts of questions. Tess brought them to the surface. From the get-go, I explained to Nick that certainty is something I need in a relationship.”



She admitted that things between her and Nick would have been easier outside of the show.

“I probably would have preferred to have met him in the outside world,” she said.


If you want to see pictures of Brooke’s emotional goodbye to Nick, squiz ’em here.

We know Brooke leaves, but we don’t know exactly how she goes just yet, so hey, at least there’s still something that is yet to be leaked.

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