Who is Vanessa Sierra? Reality TV, OnlyFans and the girlfriend and coach of Bernard Tomic.

This post deals with suicide and might be triggering for some readers.

Over the past few days, Vanessa Sierra - the girlfriend of Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic - has been making headlines as she quarantines with Tomic in a Melbourne hotel ahead of the Australian Open. 

But who is the 26-year-old influencer and reality TV star that everyone is talking about? 

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Vanessa Sierra Joli grew up in Vanuatu for the first five years of her life. She studied at university after high school and has a Bachelor of Finance and Economics. She also started a Masters in Computer Science. Before reality TV she was working as a Loan Officer.

"No one expects me to have a degree, they automatically think because I’m a model they don’t expect me to have brains. It comes as quite a shock to people when they actually find out I am educated," Vanessa said on Love Island.

Before entering Love Island in 2019, she had two relationships with people from the reality TV world. In early 2019, Vanessa dated Dan Webb, the Married At First Sight star who infamously cheated on his fake wife Tamara Joy with Jessika Power

Not long after, Vanessa dated Jessika's brother, Rhyce Power


In October 2019, Vanessa appeared on Love Island Season Two. 

"I've never considered something like this before, but I'm really excited," she said before her reality TV debut. "I can't wait to have that family vibe in the villa, hopefully make new friends and ultimately I want to find love."

During the four weeks in the Fijian villa, Vanessa dated fellow islander Matt Zukowski, however, it didn't last. 

Vanessa was sent home from the villa on day 14. 

Image: Channel Nine.


After the show, Vanessa told the Daily Telegraph about a number of incidents that made her feel uncomfortable on the show.

"I was kept isolated in the beach hut overnight which is a tiny bright room with a chair and kept getting told I’d get let back to the villa for hours on end," Vanessa told the publication.

"This didn’t happen. It felt like torture."

She also explained that it was because of the show that her mental health declined.

"I did not suffer from depression or anxiety before Love Island. Everything in my life was going so well," she wrote on Instagram. 

In March 2020, the 26-year-old posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed alongside a candid caption.

Image: Instagram.

"I got knocked down hard... but I’m getting back up stronger than ever," she wrote. "I have no recollection of the last four days except that I woke up in hospital after almost losing my life.

"To everyone out there please be careful and take extra steps to protect yourself during these tough times. Remember to never leave your loved ones on bad terms because anything can change in an instant. Thank you to my rock for being there for me and I’m forever grateful to still be here."


In April 2020, Vanessa joined the content subscription service OnlyFans with her boyfriend at the time, Sydney-based Youtube prankster Luke Erwin. Two months into posting explicit content together, the couple were in the top 0.01 per cent of all creators. 

While Vanessa hasn't shared how much they make, she has said that content creators on the site can earn between $13,000 and $643,000 per month.

In July, Vanessa uploaded a video on their OnlyFans account with another man and locked Luke out of the account.

"F**king hell, Vanessa cheated, posted it on OnlyFans and locked me out of the account. She also changed the URL to vanessasiphone.com," Luke wrote on Instagram.

"I'm done with this sh*t! I've f**king blocked Vanessa! This is the last time I trust anyone. I've now got people working to get me access to the [OnlyFans] account," he added.

Vanessa shared her version of the events on her Instagram account.


"So, I can't believe I'm posting this on social media, and I'm so sorry guys, but it's the only way I can get a message across right now," she said.

"Luke has decided to go ahead and smear my name across social media and not talk to me like a normal person - all because of something that I did.

"Yeah, what I did was pretty wrong, but Luke, you also know that you deserved it. And you know what? I did it other times as well because you deserved it," she continued.

"So Luke is saying I locked him out of his OnlyFans account. Actually, the OnlyFans account is mine, and I can post whatever I want. So if I want to post with another guy, I'm going to post with another guy!" she added.

Weeks later in August, the couple got back together and according to Luke, joined forces for their OnlyFans again.

"I love eating a** featuring @vanessa5ierra all our private stuff is in my bio," he captioned the photo below.

Image: Instagram.


In December, Vanessa's Instagram account (which had one million followers at the time) was removed for violating community guidelines after she uploaded an explicit photo.

"I’ve worked on my social media for a very long time. I don’t use it for fun; I use it for business. The f**ked up thing is that if someone loses their job because of COVID, everyone feels sorry for them," she sobbed on her backup account.

"But if someone like me loses their Instagram account, which is my job, no one gives a f**k. Everyone tells me to get over it. Literally zero person care.

"No one understands how f**ked it is to lose your job and have no one give a sh*t because it falls under the category of social media."


She also explained that this didn't only affect her, but the people she works with.

"This is a real job, and it pays other people's wages. And it's not fair that I lose my f**king job and get laughed at," she said.

"I hire my brother full-time, I hire another person full-time, I support my grandmother and other people in my family. I hire a lot of models as well, who I pay to work with. It’s not just me, a lot of people lose income other this. It’s not just me, it’s affected a lot of people."

In November 2019, the influencer announced her relationship with tennis pro Bernard Tomic. 


Since announcing their relationship, the couple has appeared in various explicit photos and videos on both Vanessa's Instagram and OnlyFans. However, their last week together has been far less glamorous.

Last week, Vanessa joined Tomic in Doha, Qatar, where he attended the qualifying event for the Australian Open. Since then, the couple has travelled to Melbourne for the major sports event. 

After passengers on two chartered flights tested positive for COVID-19, at least 72 players have been deemed close contact and have been told to undergo 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine before the grand slam. 

On Monday, Vanessa uploaded a YouTube video about what life was like in hotel quarantine.

Image: YouTube.

In the video, she shared what the hotel room looked like, how she and the tennis pro are spending their time and explained how "the worst part" was not being able to have her hair washed by a hairdresser. 

"I don’t wash my own hair. I’ve never washed my own hair. It’s just not something that I do. I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me, so this is the situation that we’re dealing with," she said.

The statement quickly received major media attention.

"I don’t mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes," Nick Kyrgios wrote on Twitter.


Since her remarks, Vanessa explained that she has received over 500 death threats. 

"Never thought I’d wake up to 500 death threats and hate after poking fun at myself about my hair," she began.


"It’s easy to take something out of context when you take two sentences out of a 10 minute vlog, and throw it in a negative news story on mainstream media amidst tennis player complaints about their mandatory quarantine.

"My vlog is irrelevant to the above complaints. Social media is my full time work and daily vlogs on YouTube are a part of this, I’m real, honest and raw and show things as they are," she continued.

"People who know me know I’m not one to complain. And yes. I will make jokes to brighten a mentally challenging situation," she added.

On Tuesday, Tomic shared that Vanessa was not only his girlfriend but his new tennis coach too. 

"She's just helping me with a few things. We've managed to win eight matches. Quite good, it's a new tactic for 2021," he told AAP.

Feature image: Instagram/@vanessa5ierra

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