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Married at First Sight fans are thirsty over Jessika's brother and ladies, pls.

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Model Jessika and country boy Mick got fake-married during Married At First Sight’s Tuesday night episode.

There was a dress with a frilly collar, there was a nervous groom and there was an extremely awkward best man’s speech.

But no one cares about that.

Because viewers were far more distracted by a side character who upstaged them all – the bride’s big brother Rhyce.

Look, we don’t know if it was his super serious face, his concern for his sister, the bad boy tattoos or his baby blue eyes, but audiences became… thirsty to an undignified degree as soon as he appeared on the television.




Fans put the call out on Twitter for someone to track down his Instagram account and it wasn’t long until it was found.


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The Melbourne man has more than 24,000 followers as of Wednesday morning, but we have a suspicion that number is going to rise. Because fans of Married at First Sight are nothing if not a) enthusiastic, and b) committed.

We hope there’s some drama in Jessika’s family to look forward to – so we can see more of Mr Rhyce in the weeks to come.

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