'They're an instant wardrobe updater.' The hardest working shoe every woman should own.

White shoes. I can see the look on your face right now. Yikes.

Are we really talking about white shoes? I thought you were a fashion expert. But here’s the thing – white shoes are your secret weapon.

They are an instant wardrobe updater. They will change your life. And your wardrobe.

How do I know?

Scientific tests have proved it. My wardrobe is full of white shoes. I have seen the evidence. I know they take your outfit from drab to fab. And it’s not just me. 

Hands up if you have invested in white shoes and have seen the magic happen! (Don’t worry, I know who you are: As a personal shopper I get countless messages from converts who DM every day expressing surprise and joy when they put them on, just saying).

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But first, let me explain the colour.

When I say white shoes, they can actually be cream. Or milk. Or latte. (Even silver is good.) In fact, I’d probably not advise you to wear bright white (almost blue!) shoes. They never look expensive.

Unless they are. 

But as we know: there are a lot of words for snow. So I shall refer to white shoes from now on. And you shall know what I mean.

Which ones, though?

You want a simple shape because you are already getting the impact and fashion oomph from the colour. Or, not colour (!), so you don’t want anything too crazy in terms of style. (Not studs, diamantes or anything glitzy).


Let’s start with white flats.

They’re the item du jour. I love white flats. They might have a pointy toe. They might have a round toe. Slingback or ballet flats.

But if you want a heel, avoid stilettos. White stilettos. Say it out loud: That’s enough to scare anyone. Instead, go for a block heel or a low kitten heel. Chic. Low key. Easy.

White sneakers are always a good idea. Same with white chunky dad sandals. White loafers are fabulous for spring when you want a casual shoe to cover your tootsies and something chicer and dressier than Converse. And who doesn’t love a white pretty strappy sandal or a simple white slide?

Why you want them.

White shoes are life-changing. It’s an instant injection of chic. They instantly lighten your look. Add a punctuation point to your outfit.

Suddenly your old wardrobe looks new and modern. You don’t need to buy a totally new wardrobe this season. Just invest in white shoes.

Those old black pants that are now looking just very straight, tight and um, er, average? Add white pointy mules. 

That dress that might be a bit last season in length? Add white flats. 

That striped tee and jeans that look too chichi/jaunty with black flats? Add chunky white dad sandals. Instant cool.

Maybe you have a new camel cardigan you are thinking of wearing nonchalantly undone over a white tank with black pants? Too prim and proper with a black shoe. You need the white pointy flats to look modern. (If you want to look prim, you won’t find that here!)


Perhaps you’ve got new white jeans or slouchy camel pants? Suddenly black shoes look wrong with all those neutrals. Too dark. Too heavy. Too... old-fashioned. Add white/silver/cream flats and you’ve nailed it. They just work.

How to wear them.

With your entire wardrobe! HA. It’s true. 

Where you might have grabbed a black shoe, you are now grabbing white. Summer to winter. From boots to sandals to heels, white shoes are now your go-to.


Summer casual dressing.

Rule of thumb: Pointy white shoes add an edge to slouchy camel pants, and white round-toe mules look great with wide-leg jeans. White chunky dad sandals love midi skirts, oversized tees and blazers because they balance out the volume. They anchor the look. 

But white slingbacks with a kitten heel love culottes, cargo pants and jeans equally. They’re good like that. Add a slouchy tee or knit and you’re out the door.

Summer going out.

If you feel the need for a heel, I love a square-toe strappy white heel with a long midi skirt or fit and flare dress. Try a white pointy mule with Bermuda shorts and a white shoulder-pad tee. It’s a match made in heaven. 

Don’t want to look like a waitress when you throw on slouchy black pants or a black midi skirt? Toss on white kitten heels and a pretty sequin top. Easy. Modern. Chic.

Styling tips.

Shoes make the outfit. Always try everything on with shoes. At home. Or in the fitting room. You are not going out in barefoot. What’s the point of trying on an outfit without shoes? It’s about the outfit. Context. White shoes will finish the look.

Think fashion, but low-key. As I get older, I find that shoes are the one thing where you can have fun, where you can be fashion-y (I won’t be wearing cut-outs, mini dresses and anything see-through, but that’s just me). White shoes do the trick.

Think three colours on the body. Two can be too matchy-matchy, more than three is way too hard (feel free if you have the time to style it). This is where white shoes come in: wearing black and beige? White shoes add that third colour. Wearing denim jeans and a black blazer? Add white shoes (they love a white tee!).


Don’t worry about mixing bags and shoes. A white bag and white shoes don't really work. It’s all just too… white. But a tan bag with white shoe? Now you’re talking. Or try white shoes with a black bag and you can’t go wrong.

Choose your sole wisely. I always go for a white shoe with a caramel sole. Including sneakers. A black sole can be too stark. Too limiting. Whereas a camel sole works back instantly with your neutral wardrobe. (A black sole works only if you have black somewhere in your outfit to pull it all together.)

These are the accessory. When your wardrobe is looking daggy and dated please don’t rush out and buy beads and scarves and jewellery or kooky colours. That will only make it worse. Invest in white shoes. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, white shoes look so much better on your actual foot than alone on the shelf or a website, so try them on – you’ll be surprised. And then feel free to message me to share the news!

FiFi Milne is a former fashion editor-turned-personal shopper and expert wardrobe detoxer. Superpower? Predicting fashion so you don’t have to. For more style tips from her, head to her website and follow her on Instagram.

Feature image: Instagram/@shopwithfifi

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