Why we haven't been seeing host Sophie Monk on Love Island.

Fresh off her stint as Australia’s Bachelorette, Sophie Monk announced she would be stepping off the Fijian island where she declared her love for Stu Laundy, and stepping onto another island – Love Island.

Yep, another reality TV dating show.

But this time, Sophie wouldn’t be a contestant looking for love – she would be host.

As the first episode of Love Island Australia aired on Sunday, Sophie Monk appeared to introduce the male and female contestants to each other and to close the episode. But since the premiere of the five-nightly series aired, fans have been left questioning: “Where is Sophie?”

Sophie only appeared in one episode out of the five that aired this week, leaving viewers confused – especially given rumours the 38-year-old actress and model had been paid $1 million for the hosting gig.


A Channel Nine spokesperson told News Corp that Sophie’s absence is due to the format of the show, which follows the original UK Love Island and focuses almost entirely on the contestants.

“As host, Sophie’s appearance in the villa means the islanders know something big is about to happen so comes in whenever a major shake-up is made,” the spokesperson said.

Viewers were also confused that Sophie wasn’t narrating the show.

Like the original British version, the narration is not done by the host. Instead, Love Island Australia is narrated by Eoghan McDermott, who is Irish.


Here’s hoping Sophie pops back on our screens soon.

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