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ag3ntphoenix October 30, 2021

@Jules I think you're watching very different ASMR 🤔

ag3ntphoenix August 31, 2021


ag3ntphoenix August 23, 2021

Love this piece, great writing! I was the same when I got a Garmin smart watch, and did all of the things. Just as a cautionary tale though, I am prone to panic attacks, and one day I had one and the watch made everything so much worse.  I was convinced I was having a heart attack as I watched my heart rate go up and up and up. My psych told me I wasn't allowed to wear it anymore lol

ag3ntphoenix July 4, 2021

@snooze YES!!  He reads her journal and she's the one left apologising, wtf

ag3ntphoenix June 27, 2021

Poor Amy.  Handlin obviously had way too much ego that he cared so much about being omitted from one of three speeches, pathetic.

ag3ntphoenix June 24, 2021

And poor Alicia to this day still doesn't know how to pronounce Hatians

ag3ntphoenix June 6, 2021

What a gorgeous couple, loved listening to this interview as well. Super interesting!

ag3ntphoenix June 2, 2021

I'm also on the "never answer my phone" train, even my work number.  If somebody calls me, they will get a return text saying, "Let me know if you'd like a return call or text me next time."

ag3ntphoenix May 15, 2021

Beautiful article with some super interesting points that I think I need to take on myself

ag3ntphoenix April 22, 2021

@Rush yeah, $96 for a toner...pass lol.

Meanwhile, Mandy's cupboard looks so pretty, all colour coordinated!  ♥

ag3ntphoenix April 21, 2021

I can't tell you how much I am here for this.

ag3ntphoenix April 12, 2021

In a few years Melissa will realise she is a shadow of her former self, and that she deserves better.  But nobody can decide this except her, and it will take time for her to see it.  The best that anyone can do is to show Melissa love and support, that she has people other than Bryce in her life who love her "unconditionally" and hopefully she will either find a balance with him, or her confidence will grow enough to see the light.

ag3ntphoenix March 24, 2021

Bryce has had exactly the same effect on me, he is my ex all over and I still suffer occasional PTSD from that relationship.  The way Melissa was clinging to him when he was angry, just willing him to look at her instead of fly off the handle was just way too reminiscent of it all.  While I have kept watching it, as that was a long time ago now, I absolutely agree that this behaviour needs to be called out.

ag3ntphoenix March 7, 2021

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing to light this condition, and talking about the treatments. I have suffered from this my whole life and the first time I'd ever heard anyone mention it publically was an episode of Outloud, when Em Vernem said she thought she had it. I cried in my car. Thank you ♥️

ag3ntphoenix March 3, 2021

What a beautifully written, powerful piece ♥️

ag3ntphoenix February 23, 2021

Why are half of jeans around not full length? They'll make a tall girl look short and a short girl look shorter! I don't hate the mum jean trend, but they'll never suit me :( 

ag3ntphoenix February 12, 2021

Curious what Mia has to say about the no wash cloth thing!