"Stop dating hot d**k heads": 30 things you should start (and stop) doing when you're 30.

Ahhh your 30s. You're like, totally an adult now! *Screams internally*.

It's a time for celebration (you made it!) and dare I say, REFLECTION. Because soaking up a few good habits and learning to love the person that you've become can really help set you up to live your best life. 

Things like knowing how to be assertive, how to manage your money ('cause those collectable Tazos will only take you so far), how to set boundaries, when to tell people to f**k off, etc. are all powerful little life lessons that'll make being on this planet much easier.

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Just to make it clear, though - being in your 30s doesn't mean you have to have your whole life sorted. Nah. That's BS.

Cause you know what? F**king things up can actually be a very good thing. So don't ever be afraid of failing.

To help suss out what you might want to consider starting (and stopping) in your 30s, we asked a bunch of women what they thought - and here's what they said.

1. "It's time to stop dating hot d**k heads." - Polly.

#putmeincuffs. Image: Giphy


2. "Start accumulating a capsule wardrobe rather than new outfits for every occasion - investing in pieces you know you'll keep. It pays off in cost-per-wear!" - Tamara.

I'll take 10. Image: Giphy

3. "Start (or continue) saying 'no'! The next time someone asks you for something, assess your time and energy before taking on more." - Shell.

It's a no from me, dawg. Image: Giphy


4. "Stop caring about what other people think about your style (side parts, skinny jeans and all) and start dressing for yourself." - Teya.

Skinny jeans for ALL. Image: Giphy

5. "Start salary sacrificing into your super. Just start the habit, even $10 a pay to begin with. Then increase it a bit with each review." - Allee.

Bank that s**t. Image: Giphy


6. "Start pilates. You will have so many fewer aches in your back and hips if you have a strong core and glutes." - Rikki.

So much flex. Image: Giphy

7. "Stop living to work, start trying to find balance in your career versus your personal life and leisure time." - Tamara.

Just... stop. Image: Giphy


8. "Stop feeling the weight of other people's expectations." - Merryn.

You do you, boo. Image: Giphy

9. "Start taking better care of yourself... your body doesn't bounce back the way it used to in your 20s!" - Madeline.

Eat some fruit, pls. Image: Giphy


10. "Start loving yourself as you are." - Leisa.

I'm great. Image: Giphy

11. "Think about freezing your eggs; no one talks about that stuff." - Joanne.

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12."Keep enjoying life and meeting new people. It gets harder to make new friends as you get older so don’t get settled with just your old friends." - Yael.

Would you be interested in a friend? Image: Giphy


13. "Stop having toxic people in your life/being a doormat or a people pleaser." - Maz.

Are we cool? Are we good? Image: Giphy

14. "Start seeing your parents as friends and confidantes (if you're lucky enough that they're around and part of your life), and less like a lifeline. Appreciate the time with them." - Fauzia.

We're great. Image: Giphy


15. "Start helping others in need." - Meredith.

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16. "Stop doing things and spending time with people who don’t make you happy and start doing more of the things you love with the people you love." - Tasha.

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17. "Stop and look around. It starts getting quicker from here." - Kristina

18. "Stop binge drinking. Passing out on a friends lounge just ain’t cute anymore." - Nikki.

Can I at least have a blanket?


20. "Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day." - Raaya.


21. "Stop apologising for being true to yourself." - Jo.



22. "Start walking more." - Jaqui.

Clippity clap, friend. Image: Giphy

23. "Relish getting up early to exercise. You’re fully grown now and (hopefully) not boozing as much, so carpe diem a little more." - Sarah.

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24. "Get a dog once you’re 30 if you don’t already have one - why? Because they’re the best." - Jiang


25. "Start investing your income in one way or another if you have the means to. It's far more fun to see your money doing something than stagnating." - May

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26. "Masturbate more." - Nadja.

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27. "Stop comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate (not everyone can buy a house in their 30s)." - Amy.

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28. "Commit to a career path and go for it!" - Liza.

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29. "*Actually* commit to things instead of just putting them off." - Brooke.

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30. "Learn to nail the art of small talk! It'll help you more than you might think." - Kelsey. 

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