EVERYONE ELSE GO HOME: Rihanna just dressed as the Pope at the Met Gala.

Grab your rosary beads and be prepared to do at least six Hail Rihannas.

Rihanna just out-Rihanna-ed herself.

You see, the We Found Love singer just channelled the Pope at the Met Gala.

And as the unofficial Queen of the Met Gala (seriously, she nails it every single year), this only makes sense.

Rihanna takes her Met Gala themes very seriously and this year’s theme is Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

So she decided to just get her Pope on.

She Poped it, if you will.

The 30-year-old turned up in a bejewelled crown and cloak that was possibly handcrafted by the three wise men… with a little help from Jesus himself.

what rihanna wore at the met gala
Image: Getty.

It's a pretty hefty-looking cloak that might just be carrying the weight of the world's Catholic guilt.

With a crown that's basically a papal tiara drunk on the holy wine, she's the very definition of Catholic chic.

She's putting everyone's Sunday best to shame, that's for sure.

what rihanna wore at the met gala
Image: Getty.

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