22 things guaranteed to make you instantly lose respect for someone.

You know that moment when you suddenly realise someone is just an absolute d**k of a person? Like, they do or say something that makes you just want to punch them straight in the throat/never talk to them again? Gah. 

Respect is a big deal. HUGE. And once it's lost, it's bloody well gone for good.


Like for me, it's the guy who used to park his car in my spot when he had a driveway and I asked him not to do it (??). 

Or when someone sits near me and decides to eat their food like a RABID DOG.

Or this right here: "Sorry, I was texting. What were you saying?"

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There are TONNES of big fat nos when it comes to respect.


We asked a bunch of people to share some of the biggest red flags that make them instantly lose respect for someone. Here's what they said.

"People who blame their mistakes on other people instead of just owning them." - Tristan.

Yeah, good one. 

"When they don’t put the shopping trolley back in the bay in the carpark." - Bel.


"Racism. You only get one shot with that and I am done." - Karen.

Pls close the door on the way out. 


"Insulting or disrespecting their partner. Even if it’s ‘just joking’." - Tao.

Nope. Don't like that. 

"Conspiracy theorists who know 'the truth'." - Anthea.

Pls. Tell me more. 


"Classism in regards to people they perceive to be below them." - Malia.

*Takes deep breaths* 

"People who use the word 'wellness'." - Em.



"When they take credit for other people’s work." - Suze.


"People who are consistently late just because of poor planning and not a genuine problem cropping up last minute!" - Laura.

The nerve. 


"People trying to sell you stuff through MLM." - Kate.

"Basically, I own my own business..."  

"Judging someone without taking the time to actually find out where they are coming from." - Christie.

Kay, bye. 


"People who cheat on their partners." - Radha.

Image: Giphy. 

"People who tie their dogs up on a rope when they leave for work." - Alex.

Ya nasty. 

"One-upmanship." - Ali

Yeah, no. Good for you. 


"Mullets. I just can’t take someone serious who has a mullet. I feel bad but my brain just won’t allow it." - Mara.

Send help. 

"Influencers who post anti-vax rubbish." - Bec

It hurts my soul. 


"People who are rude or aggressive toward retail, fast food or service workers. The majority of these workers are kids and don't deserve to be treated so poorly." - Liz.

Real d**k move. 

"Someone who constantly lies." - Imani.

Nice 1 


"Rudeness and immaturity towards a person when they really have no idea what is actually happening in that person’s life." - Samantha.


"People that take more than they give." - Elanie.

No, pls tell me more about what I can do for you. 


"Hypocrisy." - Anjuli.


"Anything that demonstrates a lack of respect in someone else. If they don't respect others, why should I respect them?" - Ashleigh.

Annnd none for Gretchen Wieners. 

What're your thoughts? What are some things that instantly make you lose respect for someone? Share with us in the comment section below.

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