Why everyone suddenly wants a... *checks notes*...rat boyfriend.

Do you have a golden retriever boyfriend? Or maybe you have a black cat boyfriend? Reptilian boyfriend anyone? 

Well... I don't want to hear a single thing about them. They're boring and we've moved on. 

I only want to know if you have a rodent boyfriend. 

Oh, you didn't hear? Everyone who is everyone wants a rodent boyfriend and we need to find them now so that we are prepared for rat boy summer. 

The idea of the rodent boyfriend has been around for a while (yep, really) but it found its place in society when the film Challengers hit our screens. 

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Challengers stars Zendaya, Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist as a sexy on-again/off-again throuple who are all very good at tennis (this is a light description of the film solely based on my unhinged memory of it). 

As the film gained popularity, fans have been making direct comparisons between the leading men and... animated rodents. 


Just like clockwork, the idea of having a rodent boyfriend started trending on TikTok

@hodaandjenna “I never thought of it, but okay.” 😂 #HodaAndJenna ♬ original sound - TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

The rodent boyfriend is someone who has rat-like features. Think sharp angles, pointy noses, small mouths. They're also small built and have "scurrying" tendencies. 

If you're getting angry or offended by this description, I'll stop you right there. Being called a rodent is a compliment. Rodent men are the type we find extremely attractive but we can't really put a finger on what it is exactly... until now. They're attractive because they remind us of our favourite childhood animated animals who we also found attractive (although we'd never admit to it out loud). 


Someone who's always had a rodent boyfriend status (even before the Challengers film) is 1975 lead singer and Taylor Swift's biggest situationship disappointment Matty Healy

When he was performing here in Australia, he admitted the lead rodent in DreamWorks film Flushed Away was based on him. And thus, the birth (and thirst) of the sexy rodent boyfriend began. 

Now, the sexy rodent boyfriend hasn't just stopped as a memeified trend, it's seeped (from the sewers) into our everyday lives.

People are on the hunt for real life rodent boyfriends and it doesn't just stop at the features. Rodent boyfriends are also the type to show off their partner in extravagant ways that are a bit weird but super hot. They're the opposite of toxic masculinity and are solely situationship material only. 

Everyone needs to experience a rodent boyfriend at some point in their life, just avoid calling them a rat to their face... they don't like that.

Feature image: Getty/Canva

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