A bride wants to uninvite a guest from her wedding after they made an awkward assumption.

The wedding guest list is one of the most politically tormenting parts of organising a wedding.

You have to make sure all parties on both partners’ sides are invited, you’re not missing Aunty Ethel who you’ve seen twice in your life, and then comes the big game of friend/family/colleague hierarchy in which you know that someone will end up missing out.

This makes it a task that requires almost military levels of organisation and precision.

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However, when you're trying to stick to a very set budget with a tight invite limit, a rogue wedding who doesn't realise their invitation is for them and them only, things can get a little awkward.

This is exactly what one Mumsnet user is going through.

Reaching out to the online community she said that in order to keep costs down, she and her fiance limited her guest list to strictly 50 people. When they realised they had 46 guests altogether, they chose to fill the remaining four spots with the groom's colleagues.

Their wedding plan involves an evening ceremony followed immediately by a disco.

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However, not all invitees realised until very close to their wedding day that no plus ones were invited.

"Yesterday my fiance was in the office and everyone was talking about the wedding and one of the girls said 'My husband and I are really looking forward to it'," she wrote, The Sun reports.

"My fiance didn't say anything to the girl when she said her husband was coming because he felt awkward and embarrassed. He has also never met her husband."

While she's annoyed that this move would have put her over-budget, the bride also said that she's never even met her fiance's colleagues.


Hoping for some words of wisdom, she asked the question that no one in the midst of planning their wedding wants to ask: "Am I being unreasonable to uninvite someone from the wedding?"

The answers were varied. Many users were sympathetic.

"If I got a wedding invite addressed to just me, I’d assume it was for 'just me' as surely it would say to QueenDaisy & Mr QueenDaisy," said one user.

Meanwhile, others thought it was the fiance's fault for not fixing the problem.

"What is wrong with people who think partners are invited when their name is not on the invite, your boyfriend needs to put this lady right," wrote one user.

"He needs to explain to her that it's not a plus one. Otherwise what happens if the others bring their partners too? Are you going to pay for them as well?"

"Give your hubby-to-be a kick up the bum!" wrote another.

However, others disagreed and said that having a plus one is the norm, with one Mumsnet user saying that it was "bizarre that spouses [weren't] included."

"I think the norm is not to invite married people without their partners. I'm imagining the work colleague just naturally made the same assumption," they said.

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