The 5 types of wedding dresses you're about to see on every 2022 bride.

If your Instagram feeds have been anything like ours, pretty much everyone you know got engaged in the last four weeks, which means one thing and one thing only: you're about to get invited to a lot of weddings.

So wouldn't it be handy to get a sneak peek into what all these 2022 brides will be donning for their big day?

NO? Oh, well you should probably stop reading, because this article really isn't for you. 

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...But if that does intrigue you, or if indeed you're getting married yourself this year, here are the trends we're predicting are going to be walking down aisles across the country.

So grab your confetti, and scroll on through.

2022 Wedding Dress Trend: Absolutely all over beading and SPARKLE.

As a knee-jerk response to two years indoors in our pyjamas, the first 2022 wedding dress trend off the rank recruits all the sequins and sparkles possible.


Delicate whispers of beads have been traded in for a party-like suit of armour, leaving brides dripping in shimmer and dancing around their big day like a disco ball.

With this level of beading also comes the secondary spin-off trend of semi-sheer elements. Sparkly dresses that show peeps of skin or make no illusion of the bride's body underneath will be here for the whole of the year. 

Trend downsize: If you don't opt for a decent lining in this style of dress, things can get hella scratchy. 

However, if you're still keen, our top pick for a high street version of this wedding dress trend is: Bridal Balloon Sleeve Embellished Mini Dress, from Nasty Gal, for $164.50.


Image: Nasty Gal.  

2022 Wedding Dress Trend: Vintage vibes.

Second hand is back! And our sustainable selves are happy dancing to hear it. But the vintage that's coming back into style in the wedding space is one that's a smidge elevated. 

It's more inherited directly from Grandma, rather than fresh outta Vinnies. To deploy a very fancy reference here, take Princess Beatrice as an example. 


She donned her grandmother's old dress for her wedding day. Granted, her grandma is the actual Queen of England, so there's a big chance her wardrobe has more options than our G-Ma Shirley's selection.

Trend downsize: Finding a second hand vintage ball gown that you a) like and b) fits you like a glove is a mission that even the biggest fans of thrifting shudder at.

However, if you're still keen, our top pick for a high street version of this wedding dress trend is: Ivory Lace A-Line Boho Wedding Dress, by Torrid, for $328.


Image: Torrid.  

2022 Wedding Dress Trend: Artistic draping.

Forging on from the anti-bride cool-girl style we started to see emerging last year, 2022 is putting the priority on clever, structural and artistic draping. 

Think sweeping silk across the waist, off-the-shoulder fallen puffy sleeves and an essence of that classic Vivienne Westwood silhouette. 


This trend seems to be prioritising simple fabrics to achieve this look, such as silk or crepe. We'd recommend the same, as opting for a busy fabric with embellishments or pattern will distract from the drama of the dress's shape. However, if you're looking to put your own stamp on it, then this trend lends itself beautifully to adding statement shoes, jewellery or a bold beauty look. 

Trend downsize: The best versions of these dresses have sleeves, so it may not be a great pick for summer brides. 


However, if you're still keen, our top pick for a high street version of this wedding dress trend is: ASOS EDITION Robyn drape off shoulder crepe midi wedding dress, $220.

Image: ASOS.  

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2022 Wedding Dress Trend: Boning and bodices.  

Corset tops, boned waisted and defined breast cups wrapped up in dreamy tulle. Yes, stripping back and showing the literal bones of a dress will be sticking around in 2022. 


While some may liken it to négligée, this trend does showcase the craftsmanship of a dress and work as an illusion to define certain body parts - a bit like a saucy equivalent of chucking a belt on to nip in your waist. 

Trend downsize: Your mother-in-law may say you're walking down the aisle in your undies.


However, if you're still keen, our top pick for a high street version of this wedding dress trend is: Lace & Beads Bridal plunge tulle maxi dress in ivory, from ASOS, for $220.

Image: ASOS.  

2022 Wedding Dress Trend: 90s throwback.

For the final 2022 trend, we're winding back the clock to the good ol' 90s: custodians of hipster jeans and butterfly clips. Luckily for you, neither of those are weaving their way into this wedding trend.


No, instead think of the rise of the slip dress, and of buttery silk making a statement in the simplest of ways.

Celebrity brides like Hailey Bieber jumped on this in 2018, but the style will be hitting the mainstream in 2022. The real beauty of this one? You can style it up with a cathedral length veil and old Hollywood curls, or style it down with sneakers and a cheeky pink lip.

Trend downsize: Finding underwear to go underneath a silk slip dress may be the single biggest mission. 


However, if you're still keen, our top pick for a high street version of this wedding dress trend is: Lover Quinn Slip Dress, from The Iconic, $280.

Image: The Iconic.  

Which of these trends do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: ASOS, Nasty Gal, The Iconic, Torrid + Mamamia. 

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