Just 8 items from Kmart that will decorate your wedding for under $200.

When you begin planning a wedding, it becomes very apparent that the cost of throwing a party for 100 of your nearest and dearest is… not what you fantasised about as a little girl. From paying for flowers (oh my Lord, how are flowers so expensive?) to selecting a cake (why are wedding cakes so… $800?), it can quickly turn into a $30k affair, which is likely not what you want if you want a house or any money at all.

Which is why you’ll quickly decide to either scrap less important things on your list (maybe you don’t need to pay for your great aunt’s best friend’s dog’s cousin to attend) or turn to budget options to still have a gorgeous day – but at a fraction of the cost.

This is where everyone’s go-to ‘I’m-on-a-budget’ shop, Kmart, comes into play.

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We’ve rounded up the best (and cheapest) items from Kmart that will help you decorate your big day on the cheap.

You’re welcome.

1. 30 pk Tealight candles, $3 each.

tealight candles Kmart
So romantic! So cheap! Image: Kmart.

Even if you're not a scented-candle-loving person, you can't really look past adding ambience and mood for $3, especially when at the time of writing they're actually on special for $2.50.

These will work well spread out in an indoor reception or ceremony, and they're literally cheaper than hot chips.

Save a few to go with your table centrepieces.

For tealight candles: $3

Total spend: $3

2. Photo frames, $2 each.

Kmart photo frames
Save yourself some $$$$ with $2 photo frames. Image: Kmart.

Instead of getting table numbers printed or using the ones that your venue supplies, get your hands on some $2 Kmart photo frames, print out some pictures of you and your partner at Kmart's photo lab (roughly 15 cents per photo) with an added table number on the image (Kmart staff will be able to show you how to add numbers or lettering) and voila, you have a table centrepiece that's practical, sweet and can be repurposed after the wedding.

For frames and photos: For x8 circular reception tables, you're looking at $2.15 x 8 =  $17.20

Total spend: $20.20


3. Flowers, $5 each.

Kmart flowers peonies
No matter how you dice it, if you want flowers, they don't come cheap. Image: Kmart.

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding... but they're just so bloody expensive. Kmart offers a wide range of flowers and even at $5 a bunch I'm still hesitant to get them. Do I sound cheap or what?

If we're going by our eight table scenario, a bunch per table to add next to your table photo/number would be $40. These are only smaller bouquets, they're not huge, sexy, large mountains of flowers, so I would recommend using eucalyptus leaves (or whatever other tree is around with free leaves) to bulk the bouquets out.

To save money, before making the table centrepieces up combine three bouquets together for your bridal bouquet and combine two bouquets together to make up two smaller, bridesmaid bouquets.

Kmart flowers
So pretty! Image: Kmart.

Then after your bridal party photos, spread these flowers out at the reception across the tables. That way even though you're paying $40 for flowers, you can use them as bouquets too.

If you splurge the extra $5 on another bouquet, you can chop it up and pop individual flowers on your cake instead of paying bucketloads for iced flowers.

And of course, keep all the flowers afterwards!

Fake flowers: 8x $5 = $40

Total spend: $60.20

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4. Fluted jars, $2 each.

Fluted jars Kmart
And after you've used it? It could be a jam jar. Used for growing herbs. The possibilities!! Image: Kmart.

Of course, you'll need something to put the flowers in. Good thing these fluted jars (1lt) are only $2.

You can use pebbles to fill up the jars and put the flowers in there or use water and pretend they're real (surely, no one will look that closely?)


Repurpose them afterwards and feel like an eco-warrior.

For the fluted jars: 8 x $2 = $16

Total spend: $76.20

5. Placemat, $1.75 each.

Kmart gold placemat
Complete your table centrepiece with a reusable placemat. Image: Kmart.

Now that you have your flowers, candles and photo/table number, tie them all together by arranging them on top of a placemat. Some people have started using chunks of wood, but these are cheap and can be reused.

The round placemat - that comes in a variety of colours - underneath the other parts of your centrepiece will make the design look more cohesive rather than like an assortment of things thrown together... which is what it is!

Placemats: 8x$1.75 = $14

Total spend: $90.20

6. Scrapbook, $4.

Kmart scrapbook
A guestbook for $4? Unheard of. Image: Kmart.

Now that your centrepiece is done (a couple of tealights, framed photo table number and flowers in a jar), it's time to focus on the other elements of the reception.

You'll want a wedding guestbook for people to write their well wishes in. Enter: a $4 Kmart scrapbook. Advise people to leave a good amount of space between messages so that when you get your professional images printed, you can paste them next to their comment.

The scrapbook is 8x8 inches so there will be enough space for everyone.

Scrapbook: $4

Total spend: $94.20

7. Photo wall, $35.

Ivy wall kmart
Kmart literally have everything... Image: Kmart.

Kmart have absolutely everything and I won't hear otherwise. This is an Artificial Ivy Trellis according to Kmart, and it's perfect for a photo wall for your guests to take pics in front of and #hashtag their pictures with your surely very well thought out couple hashtag.


This isn't even an important feature of your wedding, but I still have way more dosh to spend before I get to $200 for decorations. If you're not keen on a photo wall, you can have this ivy wall behind yourself and your groom/bride as a bit of extra 'hey there, we're fancy'.

Ivy wall: $35

Total spend: $129.20

8. Sign holder, $45.

Bookshelf kmart
Try to visualise it without the shelves... Image: Kmart.

A few weeks ago I saw in a wedding discussion group that people have been using this Kmart bookshelf to hold their 'Welcome to X + Y's wedding' signs.

If you imagine the bookshelf without the shelves (how it comes, you'll need to put it together) then you'll see the black structure and no shelves in the way. What people have been doing is getting a sign printed and hanging it from the top shelf so it hangs down, they then add the shelves once the wedding is over and have a bookshelf.


The 'welcome to our wedding' poster is obviously extra money (try Officeworks or Vistaprint), but according to my maths, you've got some leftover.

Bookshelf: $45.

Total spend: $174.20

Do you have any DIY tips for a cheaper wedding? Tell us in the comments below.  

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