‘I hated my thighs. Here's what happened when I gave myself permission to wear miniskirts.'

Have you ever stopped yourself from wearing a certain kind of clothing style because you were self-conscious about a part of your body? For me, that was miniskirts.

I deprived myself of rocking one of the best styles in history (Clueless anyone?) just because of body insecurity - I hated my thighs.  

I had hated my thighs from about the age of 12. Before I even got my period, I was already at battle with my body. I resented the way they spread out when I sat down, and I have vivid memories of pinching the skin in disgust as if a little pinch would somehow make them evaporate.  

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I wanted my thighs to look like the thighs of the celebrities that I desperately idolised. I wanted thighs like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. 

Thighs that didn’t spread when you sat down and didn’t jiggle when you moved. I basically wanted my thighs to just look like a continuation of my legs so you’d barely be able to notice them.

Naturally, as I grew into adulthood, my thighs didn’t disappear. They stayed chunky and fleshy and noticeable, and I just hid them. It’s all very depressing to look back on, but at least I was never going to accidentally flash anyone getting out of an Uber because I always had thick black stockings on!  

I have now thankfully seen the error of my ways, and not only has it given me a new fashion look to style, but it’s felt invigorating - like jumping out of a fashion plane! 

And my thighs didn’t need to shrink for this to happen. If there’s one piece of advice I could give anyone, it’s that if you feel like a trend just doesn’t suit your body, but you still like the trend, don’t give up on it. 

You just need to find the version of it that works for you and makes you feel confident. The thing is, once you find the style that works for you, as cliched as it sounds, it does always shine through. 

Case in point: recently, a girl stopped me to compliment my outfit. 

“I love this, and I love it on you!” She gestured towards my clothes, and I glowed. I was wearing an oversized black blazer I’d picked up from H&M, a sheer pink polka dot top, chunky white Adidas sneakers and the pièce de résistance; a velvet black mini skirt tied together with an oversized belt - it was a look.  


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It was the kind of compliment that made me buzz with delight (and one I’ll steal and use on friends and strangers), and as I stared down at my own outfit and my exposed thighs, it reminded me of how far I’ve come and also how fabulous I looked! Miniskirt and all, I was killing it. 

I understand wearing an outfit that featured a miniskirt may not sound like a big deal, but it was a massive deal for me. I wouldn’t dare to wear such a short skirt for years because I hated my thighs. Instead, I’d cover my legs in stockings and suffer from UTI’s as a result of constantly smothering my vagina with unnecessary material.

Even in stockings, it was rare that I would tackle a miniskirt. I tried to go for a half midi length or a pencil skirt. Something that smothered over my thighs and hid and concealed them. I realise how silly this sounds, but they were just the source of so much insecurity. 


So what changed? 

Honestly, a girl can only sweat her way through so many Australian summers, but also, I found the right mini skirt. In my opinion, to overcome any fashion insecurity, you need to tackle what makes you feel so uncomfortable in a specific style or trend. I always found that miniskirts cut into my thighs and left red marks if I sat down in them. This made me feel super self-conscious.  

I also have a smaller waist and a bigger bum and thighs. So often if a miniskirt fit me around my waist, it would usually be too snug around my thighs and bum. So whenever I tried on a miniskirt, it just never looked right and made me feel like my thighs were just so huge. It highlighted a part of my body I felt insecure about. 

Obviously, I think the best way to tackle body insecurity is with self-love and therapy. But, practically, it does also help if you find the right type of clothing that makes you feel fabulous.

Cue me finding the perfect mini skirt. I promise they do exist, and everyone’s will be different, but I could scream about mine from the rooftops! 

Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the details - I didn’t thrift this piece, so anyone can own it. 

There’s a small independent brand in Melbourne called Edgeley. She makes everything by herself, and she considers your exact measurements if you request it, or you can just buy from the standard sizing available. She also just happens to make the best miniskirts, in my opinion.  

The minis are made from a stretchy velvet that is thick and lush, sits perfectly on my waist and effortlessly slide over my bum and the beginning of my thighs. 

I can’t even begin to explain how flattering and fabulous it is. 

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This miniskirt emphasises my waist and doesn’t dig into any of my fat anywhere, and I am obsessed! This skirt changed the game for me. It made me come to terms with my thighs.

Obviously, everyone has body insecurities. We all have things we’d like to change, but if you find the right style and make, a piece of fashion can make all the difference. It helps you see that body part in a new light.

Now, when I put on my favourite miniskirt and look in the mirror, I can look at my thighs and think they are fine.

Maybe not perfect, but perfectly okay. I can also look in the mirror and whisper to myself, “I love this on you”, and I mean it! 

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