'I organise closets for a living and this $6 product is a game changer.'

Real talk: I don't remember the last time my wardrobe was organised, and I mean, really organised. Sure, I give it a good clean out every now and then, but, because there's no strategy in place, it ends up becoming a giant mess within a few weeks.

I blame the fact that I live in a small apartment with zero storage. But the truth is, whenever I think of organising my cupboard like the pros, I just feel overwhelmed and continue with my bad habits. 

So, it's me. I'm the problem. It's me. 

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As much as I love the convenience of living in an apartment, I'd be lying if I said I don't lust after the grand wardrobes I see on social media - and I think that's the reason I don't bother fixing up my built-in because I've told myself that you can't possibly have a system in place when you have a small space.

Now that I'm reflecting though, I'm starting to realise that's just another excuse to justify my laziness, but we don't need to talk about that, you're not my therapist!

What I envision my wardrobe to look like. Image: Instagram @extra_orderly.


Anyway, one day, during my weekly rage clean, I decided that I was going to become an organisational pro. I planned to colour-coordinate my tops and have each sock sit in a pair. I had it all mapped out ... until it was time to get started.

I had no idea where to begin. My endless amount of clothes, shoes and accessories were all staring back at me, challenging me to find a place for them in my teeny cupboard. 


So I decided to use my job as an excuse to speak to professional organiser and founder of Extra Orderly to get all her secrets.

"Organising a small closet is fun - it's like a game of Tetris!" Autumn told Mamamia.

"It’s all about using every little space in a way that doesn't feel as though you are cramping it full. And that's when some clever organising products can come in handy." 

Autumn said in small spaces the first thing she asks herself is if the shoes can come out of the closet.

"If you can find a way to make a home for them somewhere else this frees up some shelving or even floor space to pop in some containers and create extra pockets of space," she said.

Autumn can tackle any wardrobe with her eyes closed. Image: Instagram @extra_orderly.


One drawback of a small cupboard is not being able to fit all of your clothes into one wardrobe, which often results in piles of stuff scattered around the house or thrown onto the floor, waiting to be packed away "later".

And while we can't change the structure of our closet (at least, we renters can't), Autumn says there are easy things you can do to help make more room.

"Vacuum bags are your best friend! As soon as winter is over get all those big bulky knits and puffer coats sucked into a vacuum bag and stored away, leaving you with lots more room for the clothes you are actually going to be reaching for and using day to day."

Whether your closet is tight on space like mine, or you have so many drawers and shelves that you don't know what to do with them, Autumn says the first step always remains the same. 

"The first thing to do is to plan out the area. Look for ways to best utilise the space you have available," she said.

"Then, start culling through your stuff. Leaving only valued items you know you're going to use."


And while getting rid of clothes that are no longer serving you, and putting things away until the next season rolls around is important, Autumn relies on a number of affordable storage products to help keep her system in place.

Autumn's storage product recommendations.

IKEA Besta Box, $25.

Image: IKEA.

"This product is great to not only add extra storage to shelves but to also store t-shirts, activewear, accessories, swimwear, etc. It's great quality for the price and it's super sturdy, so it holds its shape over time and has a minimalist look that can suit any space." 


Adjustable Drawer Dividers 8 Pack, $35.99.

Image: Amazon.

"I have used these in almost every project I have done. By dividing drawers up into sections it helps create clear categories which make dipping in and out of your wardrobe easy and enjoyable. I also find it helps you maintain the space moving forward by giving everything a clear home to return to." 


10L Clear Narrow Open Front Bin, $6.

Image: Kmart.

"If you are short on space, these are very handy! Hang them on the end of your clothes rail and they hold up to four handbags. By having your bags accessible like this as opposed to hidden away you'll find you'll reach for them so much more."

Stackers Supersize Ring and Accessory Jewellery Box Layer, $92.

Image: Stackers, Howards Storage World.


"When organising closets I like to include all the items that you would think of when putting together an outfit and combining them in one space, right down to the jewellery and sunglasses. By using the Stackers jewellery range I can display everything in a way that looks and feels like you are in a jewellery store. This one is at a slightly higher price point so here’s a more affordable alternative too."

70 Pack Connector Hooks for Hangers, $16.50.

Image: Amazon.


"Another great space-saving tool - this is a simple yet clever way to add some extra rail space to your closet. I also love using these for two pieces to keep everything together."

For more home organisation tips, tricks and inspo, follow Autumn on Instagram here.

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Featured Image: Instagram @extra_orderly.

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