This hilarious viral video sums up exactly what it's like after getting your nails done. 

There’s honestly no better feeling than getting a fresh set of acrylic nails.

They’re chip proof, life proof, and they’ll often last for weeks on end.

But best of all, they always look god damn great.

As I’m sure anyone who gets their nails done will relate – when your nails are fresh, the whole world needs to know all about it.

When I have a new set of nails, I’ll pretty much show them to just about anybody who’ll look.

Nail art that literally nobody asked for but we got anyway. Post continues below…

You can guarantee they’re on my Instagram Stories, they’re on my Snapchat and I’m probably frantically tapping them on my desk too.

Yep, I’m that annoying person.

But as Twitter user @officialayekev pointed out in a hilarious new video, it seems my tendency to want to show off my nails is something every girl who gets their nails done can relate to.


In the viral video, Kev chronicled all the ridiculous ways girls show off their fresh set, from dramatically unscrewing a bottle cap to typing with your fingers flat because your nails are too long.

Oh. Yep. This is me. Image: Twitter.


It's safe to say many women related to the hilarious video, which has now racked up over 75,000 retweets.

Here's what Twitter users had to say:




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