This office photo is the latest viral optical illusion to fight with your friends about.

If there’s one thing that will kill productivity on a Monday morning, it’s an optical illusion.

First, there was the photo of the hugging couple. Then, it looked like this model’s legs were literally 2cm wide. And – while not a visual illusion – only two weeks ago the Yanny vs. Laurel debate that ruined some friendships beyond repair.

Now, there is this office photo of going viral.

Is this man wearing skinny jeans and heels? He might be and that’s cool in 2018… but is he actually the one leaning over her? Which body belongs to the long-haired person? WE NEED ANSWERS, DAMNIT. Good lord give us strength.

The internet promptly lost its marbles and we are all facing yet another day of lost productivity in the office because working out what’s going on in this picture is a far more important task.

The trusty people of Twitter have taken to debating the specifics.


At this point, nobody really knows. And based on the fact that some people still hear Laurel, we may never know.

What do you see in the picture? Let us know in the comments.