This optical illusion of a couple hugging will genuinely hurt your brain.

I’m really sorry in advance.

Because I know, I know these are the kinds of things that grow to become more addictive than scrolling aimlessly on your phone, mindlessly clicking refresh on your page in the hope something of interest actually pops up.

This is the kind of addiction that physically hurts your brain and makes you question every fragment of your intelligence and eyesight.

It is the bottomless vortex that is optical illusions. And this is the photo in question:

The image has the internet in an absolute spin, resurfacing this week after Reddit user Blood_Reaper uploaded it to Imgur.

It's almost impossible to tell where the man ends and the woman begins. Which legs belong to him? Which are hers? Are they one person? Is this magic?

These were the sentiments coming from every angle on Reddit when users cast their eyes at the picture.

"Cooool. Brain error 547."

"I don't like this... it's messing with me too much."

"It's crazy how I understand the picture now, but even still at quick glance my brain can't comprehend."

"Honestly it took me a good minute to realise what was happening as well. Stupid brains!"

"OMG there's two people there!"

Or, you know, there were others who took aim at completely unrelated parts of the image:

"Hurts me too. Can't stand that unkempt grass down below."

Still struggling?

Let us help you out just a little bit...

Feel a little silly now? It was just a sneaky pair of board shorts the whole time.

You lose this round.

Think reactions to optical illusions are dramatic enough? What about women reacting to photos of placentas?