A woman's innocent selfie has become an optical illusion that's freaking out the internet.

If there’s one thing Twitter loves more than tweeting hilarious reactions to everything that’s happening on Married At First Sight, it’s freaking out over a photo that completely bends one’s mind.

Like this picture of a couple hugging that has us screaming ‘DID THESE PEOPLE JUST BECOME ONE PERSON?’. Or this innocent romantic snap that turned into… something quite NSFW.

Or the one where a girl amongst her group of friends appears to have approximately zero legs.

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Now, in the last few days of February 2018, the Internet has bestowed upon us another snap that has us screenshotting and zooming while simultaneously yelling “WHAT THE ACTUAL FLIP” at the top our lungs.

It all began when model Marisol Villanueva decided to upload a snap of her fashion forward outfit on Twitter.

You see, Marisol had made the oh-so-daring fashion decision to pair horizontal stripes with vertical ones, and she wanted to prove that style rules exist for the specific reason to be broken.

But the stripes caused another problem for Marisol when she shared the snap online, after Twitter followers began to notice that her pants made one leg look like two spaghetti-thin limbs.


The photo actually only pictures Marisol’s right leg, but the vertical white stripes on her tracksuit pants make it appear as if both her legs have made their way into the snap.




Thankfully, after a little bit of Instagram stalking digging, we can confirm that Marisol’s legs are in fact, just fine.


A post shared by Marisol Villanueva (@marisolvmoreno) on


But after receiving more than 5000 retweets and 33,000 likes on her photo, it seems Marisol now has to deal with the aftermath of being a viral sensation.

We have a feeling she’ll be just fine, though…

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