"What's your best price?": Vince Vaughn tried to haggle at an upscale Sydney boutique.

When shopping, it’s pretty clear where is and isn’t an appropriate place to bargain with the sales assistants.

You don’t walk into Scanlan Theodore, for example, and ask if you can get a sweet deal on the ‘Ostrich Feather S/Less Jacket’. You just don’t. You either fork out the $1400 required, or you commit to a life that is Animal-Feather-Free forevermore.

It’s the same deal with the fancy children’s toy store, Adrienne & The Misses Bonney, in Sydney’s exclusive suburb of Double Bay.

Haven’t heard of Adrienne & The Misses Bonney? Well, in a snapshot, it’s a whole lotta ‘signature this’ and ‘hand-stitched that’ with price-tags that are worth more than my soul.

If that sounds like your tea and biscuit, this personalised stocking will be right up your alley…

‘That’ll be $165.’ Hmmm. I’ll stick to Targét’s chocolate-filled varieties, thanks. (Image: Instagram)

But according to The Telegraph, when Vince Vaughn visited the expensive store with his wife Kyla and kids, Locklyn and Vernon this week, he didn’t seem to quite get the whole ‘this isn’t the Victorian markets’ memo.

To the absolute HORROR of the store’s owner, Ms Terry Berry, the Hollywood actor asked for her best price on a $1100 music box.

“What’s your best price on this?” The 45-year-old asked multiple times, eventually recieving a rather curt response from Ms Berry that the price would be reduced when he collected the duty on leaving the country.

Disappointed, Vaughn & Co. hightailed it outta there sans pricey music box.

So, what have we learned from this story?

  1. Being worth $50million doesn’t stop you from being a thrifty shopper, and, even more importantly…
  2. Ms Terry Berry = Queen Of Sass.

Watch Vince Vaughn discuss his daughter and her love of Frozen below.

Video via TheEllenShow

Do you haggle in expensive boutiques?