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fe July 5, 2020

This is an easy fix... don't make an appointment to speak to the teacher during the interview times unless you want an interview. 

Fe September 7, 2019

Have you taught before? Do you have a point of comparison? I ask because I have done both social work and teaching. While I find teaching the more rewarding career I also find it to be the more emotionally taxing and the most time consuming. How does social work have higher qualifications? They are both four year bachelor studies aren't they?
I'm not knocking social workers, they are incredibly valuable, hardworking people, social work is a tough gig. But you seem so angry! Also, I might point out that the holidays are for the children... Because they are children and they need those holidays, they are not for the teachers. Teachers don't get paid for them either... They are paid for 4 weeks annual leave just like everyone else. Plus if it's such an easy job with all the perks you could always become a teacher. My husband thought exactly that... He is a very well paid engineer who project manages jobs worth millions thought he would teach because of those 'perks' and the family lifestyle it could offer. He hated every minute of it, lasted a year and went back to engineering because teaching was much harder than he expected. He is not alone. The statistics of teaching drop outs compared to 'the rest of us' speak for themselves.
Also, I already pay for do my colleagues, who do you think looks after our children when we are working after school hours?

Fe September 7, 2019

You do not pay teachers for school holidays. Teachers get paid during the holidays because their wage minus the non contact weeks get averaged out over the course of the year.

Fe September 3, 2019

Perfect for chocolate spots and coffee spills!

Fe September 3, 2019

Think that you missed the point of the article. She isnt complaining of workload, rather, resillience lessons along with the time spent learning about making and keeping friends, managing emotions and mindfulness is now a part of the Australian curriculum. This takes time from teaching core subjects like literacy and numeracy. Too many subjects, too little time to teach, kids still don't have resillience because they aren't being expected to develop it at home. We aren't doing our kids any favours by protecting them so much.

Fe August 28, 2019

Yep I got no 'push present' but the love is still there. I hope 'anonymous' gets the support she needs to work through this.

Fe August 14, 2019

I've got one. I bought it because we had two toilet training toddlers and a geriatric cat who keeps weeing on everything! It really is that good for small spots. If you want to clean a couch (I have done) it does the job but it takes a long time to do properly. It is also very loud! For us its been worth the money. It doesn't take the place of a professional job but it keeps things fresher inbetween yearly cleans.

Fe April 29, 2019

I'm going to add to the chorus of I'm a teacher and I have experienced aggression from parents. However, I believe it isn't just teachers who have noticed an increase in aggression in the work place. Council workers, customer service, police, nurses etc they are all seeing an increase. People who feel it is the norm to treat others that way don't just do it to teachers. The thing that is sad is when they model that behaviour to their children it becomes a cycle of behaviour that is considered normal.
To the majority of parents who have a concern and follow it up in a reasonable manner we see you and appreciate you and understand you are your child's advocate. We want the best for your child too. Ive worked with good teachers and not so great ones but can honestly say I've only come across teachers who's intentions are good.
Regarding the "disgruntled" parent in the article of course you have a right to "speak up" for your children, but you must do so within the framework and boundaries the school has established. If you don't receive a response you feel is satisfactory then you can take it up further with the education department. If you got disciplined for 'criticising then I suggest your method was not appropriate in the first place.

Fe February 28, 2019

And yet... there is a high percentage of children who's parents abused them who do still want that relationship. At least as children. That person is all they know and there is strange security in that. I hope the kids are eventually ok.

Fe February 27, 2019

I had to re-read that comment three times because I thought I must be reading it wrong. How someone could say that is just... I'm lost for words.

Fe February 14, 2019

I did two years remote teaching as a graduate. It was lonely, scary at times and very isolating as much as it could also be very rewarding. 4 years is a big ask for a 21yr old, very likely just moved out of home, young person, or anyone for that matter. Maybe the conditions have changed in the 15 years since I did it. I hope so.

Fe February 7, 2019

Same. My sister used to get a jar of olives for Christmas each year she loved them so much. My 3yr old loves them too.

Fe February 7, 2019

But your natural waves are just as beautiful. Lucky girl.

Fe January 24, 2019

He asks her in person when she picks up her car. He can ask her for her number or give her his. Or simply tell her he thinks she's lovely and ask for a date.

Fe January 15, 2019

Those 40 pencils are on the book list because kids sharpen them to the ground and constantly lose their pencils. They aren't there to supplement other children as generally the school or the teacher will do that with their budget. The spare pencils and erasers I buy for my class when the kids run out need to be replaced every term. But i'll give you that there are often way too many scrapbooks on booklists.

Fe January 3, 2019

It feels amazing! I read a thing for kids just recently saying get them to pass on one thing every weekend. They are the ultimate packrat 😆

Fe January 3, 2019

I need to get my husband to do the same!

Fe December 5, 2018

The right are just as blind. People build the reality they want to see, whichever side of politics.

Fe November 9, 2018

I've had it...also very common in women who have been sexually assaulted. For me the pain was very, very real and also very anxiety based. Once I realised that and started working on my anxiety I managed to kick vulvadynia. It tries to come back on occasion... I tell myself I know what's going on...I need to look after my stress/anxiety levels and it dissapears. I haven't had a bout in years. My suggestion would be to add a psychologist who understands chronic pain to your list of professionals, that's what helped me the most and at the very least it can't hurt. I thought I was alone in this when I had it, and yes the doctors didn't understand or help the situation. So to Liv who wrote this, you will be pain free, be kind to yourself in the mean time. Also, thankyou for sharing, I'm willing to bet you will have made some other women out there feel less alone too.

Fe November 4, 2018

All I see is a beautiful woman. I hope you had a wonderful time.