Everything we know about the COVID-infected couple who travelled through three states.

On June 1, as Melbourne was on day four of their fourth lockdown, one couple jumped in their car and left. From Victoria via New South Wales and finally settling in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, their road trip is now at the centre of a police investigation for potential border breaches. 

On Wednesday afternoon, four days after they arrived in Sunshine Coast, the 44-year-old woman tested positive to COVID-19, putting Australia's three eastern states on high alert. On Thursday, QLD Health confirmed her husband had tested positive too. 

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said the husband had arrived in Sunshine Coast to begin a new job. They were planning on relocating to Queensland permanently. Despite this being one of the acceptable grounds to travel, the couple had not applied for an exemption.

"They didn't come through the exemption process, so it's now up to police to investigate whether they came through any other process," Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said on Thursday.

The woman began to experience coronavirus symptoms on June 3 - two days before she arrived in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Whilst unknowingly infectious with coronavirus, the couple stayed with the woman's relatives in the coastal town and visited shops, cafes and restaurants for four to five days.

 Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said the couple did not have an exemption to travel to Queensland. Image: Getty. 


On June 8, she tested for the disease, which came back positive. According to AAP, authorities picked up the woman's infection after the man's employer asked them to get tested for COVID-19 so he could get a health clearance to start work.

Since testing positive, Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said on Thursday that contact-tracers have now identified 17 of the couple's close contacts, up from six on Wednesday. Three of those contacts have tested negative for coronavirus, including the woman's parents whom the couple were staying with.

Another 400 people are self-isolating and getting tested after potentially coming into contact with the couple at 13 exposure sites across Goondiwindi, Toowoomba and the southern Sunshine Coast.

Dr Young also said that it seemed the couple were towards the end of their infectious periods.

"That means the risk of transmission to anyone else is less, it's still there, and I still need everyone to come forward who develops any symptoms at all," Dr Young said.

Victoria Health officials said on Thursday they were yet to interview the couple about where they had visited whilst travelling in regional Victoria.

Will Queensland enter a snap-lockdown?

Dr Young said the low risk of community transmission meant there was no need for a change in restrictions, or a snap-lockdown. 

The Chief Health Officer said hospitals, residential aged care and disability care facilities won't be locked down. However, as always, if anyone has been to an exposure venue they "cannot access any of those particular high-risk sites over the next 14 days". 

Across the three states, there are many exposure sites.  

The couple visited at least 10 sites in the NSW towns of Narrandera, Forbes, Dubbo and Moree on the way to Queensland.

They crossed the border and stopped in another 13 venues in Goondawindi, Toowoomba and Caloundra.

The list of exposure sites can be accessed here.