Everything you need to know about Venus and Serena Williams' other siblings.


Everyone knows the Williams sisters. Because, well, they’re tennis legends.

Venus and Serena Williams are among the most famous siblings in the world, but it may come as a shock to learn they have a lot of other brothers and sisters – eight, in fact.

Venus and Serena are the only two daughters of their parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price, but both their mum and dad have children from other relationships.

Both sisters have spoken in the past about their love of family, so we wanted to know more about their lesser-known siblings.

Here’s what we found.

Yetunde Price.

Serena Williams Yetunde Price
Serena Williams with her sister Yetunde Price in 2003. Image: Getty

You may have heard about the tragic murder of Yetunde Price in 2003.

Yetunde served as Venus and Serena's personal assistant and was very close to her sisters before her death.

Gang member Robert Edward Maxfield shot Yetunde outside a drug house in Compton, California. Police said had been intending to shoot her boyfriend, who was sitting across from her in a car.

Both the prosecutor and the defence at the murder trial agreed that Price was an innocent victim, and that neither she nor her companion were in the area to buy drugs.

Maxfield pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and in 2006 was sentenced to a maximum 15 years in prison.

In her memory, Yetunde's sisters opened the Yetunde Price Resource Centre in Compton.

Maxfield was released on parole in 2018, a fact Serena learned just 10 minutes before losing to Jo Konta in the opening round of the Silicon Valley Classic - her worst ever defeat.

Serena told TIME magazine interviewer Sean Gregory that she struggled with the news, conflicted by whether she should feel angry or not.

"No matter what, my sister is not coming back for good behaviour," she said.

"It’s unfair that she’ll never have an opportunity to hug me. But also…the Bible talks about forgiveness."

However, the grand slam champion said at this stage, she's not ready to forgive her sister's killer.


"I would like to practice what I preach, and teach Olympia that as well. I want to forgive. I have to get there. I’ll be there."

Yetunde had three children who were aged 11, nine and five years old when their mother died.

Isha Price.

isha price serena williams
Serena Williams poses with the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen trophy and her sister Isha Price. Image: Getty.

Isha Price is an attorney who handles some of both Venus and Serena's business affairs.

She doesn't appear to be on social media, but in a 2007 interview with the New York Times she said that she, Yetunde and Lyndrea would accompany their mother and stepfather to the tennis court to feed and pick up balls for Venus and Serena.


"It wasn't until I got to college that I realised that our lives weren't what other people considered normal," she said.

She also caused a wee bit of an awkward moment after Serena beat Venus to take out the 2017 Australian Open.

When Venus went to thank Isha, things didn't go as planned. Because when she looked for her in the audience, she was no where to be found.

"Sister Isha, where are you?" Venus asked as she looked for her in the crowd.

"She didn’t come?"

It was only a moment before Venus started to laugh and said, "I get it. It is too hard. I get it. Isha, I love you."

Lyndrea Price.


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Lyndrea Price has paved her way in a career pretty different to tennis - fashion (though we wonder if she helps Serena pick out her amazing on court outfits?)

Lyndrea has previously been a fashion stylist and worked with magazines including People.

According to her Insta bio, she is now a 'fashion creative production stylist', and her pictures show a pretty glam life full of fashion, travel and yes - a few selfies with her sisters.

Richard Williams III, Sabrina Deville, Ronner Williams, Chavoita LeSane, Dylan Starr Williams and... more?

Not a lot is known about the other children of Venus and Serena's father Richard.

After a pair of strokes, 76-year-old Richard's health deteriorated. He also suffers from a neurological disorder that inhibits his speech, according to 2017 records. Richard issued power of attorney to his son Chavoita, who also acts as his interpreter according to Tennis Now.


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Richard's youngest son - and the Williams' sisters youngest half-sibling - is Dylan Starr with his ex-wife Lakeisha Graham. Dylan was born in 2012 and in a 2014 interview, Richard said wants his young son to become a billionaire through gold mining: "Just two big sales and he's set, then he can play tennis for the rest of his life."

Richard also has other children. In an interview published on The Root, director and producer of documentary Venus and Serena Michelle Major recounted the time an unnamed son of Richard's appeared court side - and not even Serena knew who he was.

"I was talking to Richard, and the other gentleman was introduced as his son," Major said.

"I innocently asked Serena who he was, and that's when she gave me that answer [that she didn't know]. I didn't know if she was joking - because she has a wicked sense of humour - until I asked others in the family and they said, 'No, that's true.' I think that was how they were shielded in their family, to not even have to experience the older siblings."