Vanessa Kirby had a near death experience while filming The Crown season two.

You’d think filming a show about the British royal family wouldn’t be all that dangerous – physically anyway.

Yet actress Vanessa Kirby put herself in harm’s way multiple times while on set of Netflix’s The Crown.

Speaking to The Binge host and Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik, the Brit, who plays Princess Margaret in the period drama, said between falling off chairs and burning dresses, she earned herself an appropriate nickname.

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“I’m really clumsy. They call me Bambi on set. Margret’s like super elegant and put together and I just really struggle with that,” she said.

Part of Kirby’s job required smoking around 60 herbal cigarettes a day and she says not only were they unpleasant to smoke, but also dangerous.

“Anything burning in my hand is a liability,” she said, telling Laura that she kept burning her dresses.

Between that and spilling things on her gowns, the costume department was often “having to dry clean it desperately overnight”.

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The 29-year-old joked it was a “miracle” she made it off the set alive, especially after falling down a number of times.

“I’m not very good with heels either… I kept tripping over,” she said.

“I like really put everyone through the ringer with my clumsiness.”

Still, Kirby says she thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of Princess Margaret and working on two seasons of The Crown.

“I loved going to work every day, I loved being picked up, I loved being in the makeup trailer, I love learning about her. I made so many great friends, they’re like a second family to me.”

You can stream seasons one and two of The Crown on Netflix.

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