The Crown just gave us the definite answer to the age old scone debate.

It is the quintessential, polarising English dessert: the scone.

Does the cream or the jam come first?

If there is one person in this world that can end this age-old debate, it’s…well it’s obviously Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

Our answer comes from The Crown, the meticulously researched Netflix show about the Queen’s life. Producers of the show have evidently applied thorough investigation into how the Queen eats her scones, and thus have given us a conclusive answer.

And the results are: cream first, jam second.

The critical scene comes from Season Two, Episode Eight, when the Queen cuts the scone, ever-so-elegantly puts the cream on the scone, and then places the jam on top.

Listen: The Crown just solved a major issue about scone, as discussed by The Binge Podcast. Post continues after audio.

Those on the opposing side of this method would argue that this is problematic, as Jam needs a surface to grab a firm hold on to, which cream clearly does not provide, and only that of the scone’s surface does.

cream or jam first on scones
Something's scone wrong with these. Image via Getty.

But rumour has it that none other than the Queen's of cooking, Donna Hay and Nigella Lawson, also put their cream on first.

Why? Because the dominant flavour needs to go on top. Similar, to how we would not put the butter atop the vegemite.

So, for those of us who have been eating our scones the wrong way, we can contradict the Queen no longer.

cream or jam first on scones
This is the right way. Image via Getty.

You can listen to the full episode of The Binge podcast below...