The Vanderpump Rules cast if they were Succession characters.

Whether or not you watch the shows, over the past few months, it’s been impossible to escape Succession and Vanderpump Rules.

Succession aired its final episode ever last week after weeks of nail-biting drama and tension while Vanderpump Rules airs it's hotly-anticipated final reunion episode this week. 

The Succession finale was An Episode and you can read our rundown of it all here. And of course, fans have been losing their minds over Vanderpump Rules in light of the Scandoval which rocked the long-running reality series, which saw Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix split over a cheating scandal involving Ariana's bestie, Raquel Leviss. 

Due to these shows both being huge talking points in 2023, fans have drawn comparisons online. TV writer and podcaster, Ira Madison, joked about whether Succession will have a VPR-style seating chart for the reunion.


Streaming platform Hayu even gave the Succession opening credits a Vanderpump Rules twist. 

Watch Hayu's genius Succession parody. Post continues after video.

Video via Hayu.

The comparisons are never-ending so we decided that we simply had to match up all the Vanderpump Rules cast to their Succession counterparts. 

In most cases, it was way too easy. These shows are almost as dark as each other.

Logan Roy is Lisa Vanderpump

Image: HBO/Bravo.


The matriarch of this entire mess, aka restaurant owner and cast mum Lisa Vanderpump, will naturally be the Logan in this circle. Like Logan, Lisa is the person who all her children staff turn to when they need advice, support, and often well, money. 

The Toms (aka Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz) spent several seasons trying to get into Lisa’s good graces before she offered them a partnership with their bar, TomTom. Ariana and Katie have also enlisted the business advice of Lisa for their upcoming sandwich shop, Something About Her.

Of course, Lisa is much more fun to be around than Logan, plus she actually cares for the people around her. 


If you ask me, my vote to be the next leader of Waystar Royco would be LVP all the way. 

Kendall Roy is Tom Sandoval

Image: HBO/Bravo.

Kendall and Sandoval’s story arcs have followed similar trajectories. They first began as the prized sons: Kendall as Logan’s pick to run Wayco, and Sandoval as Lisa’s favourite SUR bartender. 

Throughout the seasons, they were both presented with challenges with Kendall’s failed career pivots, along with Sandoval’s embarrassing music aspirations. Despite this, viewers kept rooting for them both as compared to the people around them, they seemed to be grounded in goodness. 


They presented themselves as good people. 

However, the latest seasons proved that we were sold a goddamn lie. Between Kendall's cruel treatment of Roman and Sandoval's treatment of his nine-year partner, Ariana, despite Kendall and Sandoval priding themselves on their moral backbone, whenever this is tested, they both ultimately falter. 

Roman Roy is James Kennedy

Image: HBO/Bravo.


 A lovable little brother who is equal parts chaotic as he is hilarious: Roman IS James. Case closed. 

Conner Roy is Raquel Leviss

Image: HBO/Bravo.

I bet you didn’t see this coming but hear me out: placing Raquel within this group was extremely difficult. As the mistress in the Scandoval cheating scandal, Raquel in the reunion episodes has proven she has no moral compass while also continuing to view the world with blissful ignorance.


Does this sound like someone we know? Connor is Raquel coded. 

Connor's ill-fated political campaign also shares parallels with Raquel's failed ambitions to be a beauty pageant winner. 

Shiv Roy is Katie Maloney

Image: HBO/Bravo.

Katie and Schwartz were the most toxic couple on VPR so the Shiv and Tom parallel is almost too easy. Both involve the dynamic of a strong woman hitched to a spineless man. 


In the case of Shiv, she doesn’t always make the right decisions, which is something Katie knows all too well with her history of rage-texting her friends and slut-shaming Lala Kent. But deep down, both Shiv and Katie are smart, empathetic and powerful women that need to learn to stand on their own two feet away from their respective Toms. 

Tom Wambsgans is Tom Schwartz

Image: HBO/Bravo.


Takes one to know one, and it takes Tom to know Tom. Still following? Ugh, me neither.

Let's paint this picture a little clearer...

Tom is a people pleaser. Tom has no loyalties to anyone, not even to his wife. Tom is a cowardly dweeb. Don't know which Tom I'm referring to? That's the point.

Greg Hirsch is Scheana Shay

Image: HBO/Bravo.


I adore Scheana so I don’t mean to do her dirty here, but there’s something a bit Greg about her Vanderpump Rules journey. Scheana has a tendency to attach herself to people – like Greg does to Tom – only unlike Greg, she won’t betray them. 

Scheana has had many fazes at Vanderpump Rules: she’s been best friends with Katie, Lala, and in the latest season, Raquel. With each new friendship (besides her ride-or-die, Ariana), Scheana has become their biggest cheerleader while often defending her bestie’s questionable behaviour. 

And who can look past her repeated defence of Raquel in the latest season.

Scheana Gregs for people. 

Scheana feels more comfortable when she attaches herself to someone who she thinks can benefit her in some way, and that’s a peak Greg quality. 

Important note: this is where the similarities end, as unlike Greg, Scheana is not some spineless sycophant — she's proven in the latest reunion episodes that deep down she's a courageous, kind-hearted, good person. 

Make no mistake, I'm a huge Scheana stan. 

Quick! Listen to this episode of The Spill. Post continues after podcast.

Stewy Hosseini is Lala Kent

Image: HBO/Bravo.


In all honesty, there’s no one like Lala on Succession, but the closest fit has to be Stewy. From his trademark quotes, penchant for internet slang, and loyalty to his friends, these are all qualities that make Lala a fan favourite. 

Gerri Kellman is Ariana Maddix

Image: HBO/Bravo.


It was an impossible task to allocate any Succession characters to Ariana: she is a loyal, kind, empathetic person, possessing all the qualities which every Succession character is lacking. 

But if I had to draw comparisons to any character, it would have to be Waystar underdog Gerri. 

Aside from Tom, the unexpected winner of Succession was Gerri. Sure, she had to endure the reign of Logan Roy but she ultimately came out unscathed. This is something Ariana can relate to as the girl who had to deal with her longtime partner cheating on her and her best friend betraying her, and has come out as the victor by being flooded with endorsement deals

Ariana stays winning just like Succession's ultimate boss, Gerri. 

Image: HBO/Bravo + Mamamia.